First of all i want to thank to creators of this module for what can become a great one. I have made this install guide because i had many problems and along with myself many others, to install and configure this module properly. Sadly the documentation of this module is outdated and unsupported. I'm just focusing on installing Jeroen Wijerings Flash media player, his Image Rotator and how to use the and tags. I hope i explained everything right and i hope i can help you with this guide.

Module: SWF Tools 5.x-1.x-dev
Guide on version: 25 july


First download the module and place it in your module directory so that it looks like this:


Media Player

Then download Jeroen Wijerings Flash media player here:

Unzip it and rename the folder from jw_media_player to flash_media_player and place the folder in the following directory


Image Rotator

Download Jeroen Wijerings Image Rotator from:

Unzip and rename the folder from jw_image_rotator to flash_image_rotator. Also place this folder in this directory:


Ok the directories should now look like this, just to be sure:


Install the Module

Now enable the whole SWF Tools module in your DRUPAL system (Administer -> modules)

Allow the swf tags

To use the <swf> and <swf list> tags you must first allow this tags. You can allow this tags in:

Administer -> Input format and select Configure behind Filtered HTML.

Now select the box with SWF Tools Filter behind it. Save configuration!
Now stay inside this window and select at the top configure again. You now see a text area with the label: Allowed HTML tags. Add the following tags at the end; <swf> and <swf list>. Save configuration again!

Configuring the Module

File locations:

Ok with all the files in place you can now check if you did it right. Go to the SWF module (Administer -> SWF Tools -> Embedding settings). Dont alter the File location options, because we just installed it in the default way. You can change the 'Media directory ur' if you want to. (see instruction below that text field).

JavaScript Embedding:

Be sure to select the 'Embed Flash Directly, don't use JavaScript replacement' option for now, if everything works at the end, you can experiment with this later.

Also leave the 'Default settings for embedding' , just for now..

File Handling:

Now select File Handling (Administer -> SWF Tools -> File Handling)

Both players from Jeroen Weijering should be visible and should not have - Missing - behind it (obviously). The other associated players can have -Missing- behind it, this does not jeopardize Jeroen Wijerings players.

Select for:
- single FLV movies // list of FLV movies // list of mixed media -> Flash Media Player - Jeroen Wijering
- list of images -> Flash Image Rotator - Jeroen Wijering

All the remaining settings can be adjusted but are not needed at this time.

Embedding Flash files

Create a new node and add the following code in the body text area:

<swflist player="wijering_imagerotator"
  width="400" height="400" transition="random">

Rename image1.jpg etc with desired filenames. The files you want to use should be in the directory you set up. - in this example it should be:
http://youradres/files/image1.jpg, http://youradres/files/image2.jpg etc.

Be sure to set your Input format to Filtered HTML (just below the textfield)

Submit your node. It should work now.

Navigate Menu

To use the nice menu overlay from Image Rotator to navigate true your different images you have to enable it manually, via the menu did not work for me. Navigate to your wijering.module file (http://youradres/modules/swftools/wijering/wijering.module) and change line 143 and change shownavigation' from default to 1.


Several examples to show your files:


<swf file="file.jpg"> or <swf file="file.swf">

Shows the given file format in the default player set up in your SWF Tools settings. For the jpg it chooses the imagerotator for the swf the media player.


To show a list of multiple swf files, or even a mix of files like .swf , .jpg and .mp3 type:

  files="My song=song1.mp3&&My image=image.jpg&&My Movie=movie.flv"
  width="550" height="250"

mp3 with image
To play a mp3 in the media player with an image as a background type:

<swf file="song.mp3" image="image.jpg">

Please keep adding extra HOWTO's here so it becomes a little easier for everybody. Hope i helped.



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FYI, I was struggling to get everything up and running when I came across this guide. Helped me out tremendously. Heck, I spent about half an hour just trying to figure out this step unsuccessfully:

"Unzip it and rename the folder from jw_media_player to flash_media_player and place the folder in the following directory


Definitely add this in as part of the documentation. It's the little stuff that so often gets overlooked.

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Thanks so much for this. There seems to be a conflict with this module and the admin_menu module stylesheet. With admin module enabled I couldn't get the SWF to show up at all. I narrowed it down to this line in the admin_menu.css file:

#admin_menu li li { width: 160px; background: #202020; filter:Alpha(opacity=88); opacity: 0.88; }

I had to override the opacity: 0.88 to opacity: 1 in my style.css files in order to get the SWF to display.

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Title: Install Guide SWF TOOLS » Howto Install Guide SWF TOOLS (it works for me)

Use fleshnode module and Jeroen Wijerings Flash media player to play flv file as youtube

1. Download:
2. Need to change swftools.module (line 656), before you upload to your module directory

$encoded = str_replace('%3A/%252F', '://', $encoded);


function _swftools_get_flashvars_string(&$flashvars) {

  foreach ($flashvars AS $var => $value) {
    $flashvars[$var] = str_replace(array('&', '=', '?'), array('%26', '%3D', '%3F'), $value);
  $encoded = drupal_query_string_encode($flashvars);

  // '#' seems to encode as %2523, reverse this, using a more robust hex prefix..
  $encoded = str_replace('%2523', '0x', $encoded);

  // '://' seems to encode as %3A/%252F, reverse this back to '/'
$encoded = str_replace('%3A/%252F', '://', $encoded);

  return $encoded;

3. set /admin/settings/filters see above
or use flashnode module

5. Install Media Player

Unzip and rename the folder from jw_image_rotator to flash_image_rotator.

6. Important: /admin/media/swf/generic
check Autostart FLV for Generic Player

Even you use Wijering player, but need to select this otherwise it will not work.

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Hi, I am using this instruction and it worked well. I am wondering how to make this example not start automatically.

sp1r’s picture

In my browser the movie doesn't start automatically, guess you already found it.. Anyway it should be an selection box in the menu somewhere, can't look at it right now but i should be in the options..

lbaber’s picture

Hello again, I am trying to figure out why after following the steps, I can not get a playlist to work? I have enabled all the items in the module and set all file handling items to the player suggested. Thanks.

Oceria’s picture

Is there any way to make swf tools use files from an other server? I have limited storage space on my webserver and want to host flv and images on an other server and display them with the Jeroen Wijering image rotator and media player.

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This is exactly what SWF tools offer. After enable input filter, you just use
<swf file="">

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This post was tremendous help and a great timesaver. Thanks much. Does anyone have any experience with making SWF Tools or any of the media players work if an input filter is not available for a field? For example, the Advanced Front Page module doesn't apply input filters to the text/html that you enter for the front page. So, I can't get the SWF Tools to work for me on my front page.


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Did you ever figure out how to play a playlist with this player? I too can't seem to locate a way to do this. Instead of entering in manually each of these files in the embed code I would like to point it to an m3u file. Is this possible? ALso I can't get the swflist embed code to work, everything else seems to work fine.

hugafish’s picture

Well I shouldn't get to revved up over the lack of response on this forum site, it is free. Back to the issue at hand, I fixed my own problems with the playlist. Using the information above this thread under the List section. It was said to insert "swf list" tag when what was needed was to insert "swflist" no space. This is what fixed my issue I'm surprised no body else had this problem. well maybe they did and just didn't share it here. Oh well, playlist works now for me. I would like to find out how to make my playlist play automatically just for the first file on my playlist then stop. Is this possible with this player. Any help will be appreciated and I'm sure it will help out the whole Drupal community not just myself. Maybe there is a good reference of command arguments for this player somewhere. I'll keep looking too for more and if I find any cool uses I'll share here.

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m3u files are not possible as an playlist file.
Normally the module makes a playlist in /files/playlist when you manually add files like file="", but you can make your own playlist as well. Just create the playlist, make sure the playlist and files are stored local and use <swf file="playlist.xml">.

BTW, with the swf tools you cannot use pictures from anywhere else than the server: the module only looks in /files and gives an error when the file is not there. This is by design :(

hugafish’s picture

Thanks for the additional help Oceria, I'm just happy someone replied back to me on this forum. The method you mentioned I'll have to give a try. The swflist tag info was all I needed to use for the existing play list, which after I had entered that tag correctly inside of my input types under filtered html sectioned got it working. now I just edit it when adding new content. I would love to be able to have this player contained inside of it's own block and have it pop up or out into it's own little player page so that people can listen to my sites content while checking out other blogs and content on my site without disturbing the player. Is this possible? I have looked everywhere. Should I open up a new thread for this question? This thread so far has been the most informative for me and I would hate to put it up somewhere else to have it never be seen.

Oceria’s picture

That should be possible: just make a javascript popup (tinyMCE lets you do that) and point it to a separate page with the swf code in it.

Remember: if you set the content type to "full html" the tag should always work ;)

hugafish’s picture

Thank you very much Oceria, You have been very helpful, I will give that tinyMCE thing a try sounds real promising. So far this player has turned out to be a big plus for my site, now I just need to have an increase in my user base so I can start putting more songs on it. Thanks again


hugafish’s picture

I created a little player block with this code in it.

<script language="JavaScript">
var newwindow;
function poptastic(url)
	if (window.focus) {newwindow.focus()}


<a href="javascript:poptastic('');"><img src=""></a>

this code pops up and loads the /node/90 page which is the page that I have the wijering player in. This works nicely as I had envisioned as far as the pop up goes but the only problem is that it loads the entire site content, left side middle and right side instead of just the player. the only code I put into the body of this blog post /node/90 was the player code. How can I just get the player to load into this popup instead of the whole site. content. I also tried to create my own html file with the same player code in it but when I point to that url it just loads a blank page. I'm not a programmer but I do understand what most of this code is trying to do. Any help is appreciated on this, I think I'm getting really close to getting this to work as desired. This is a very cool player as well as the other players I use on my site. I'm beginning to think Drupal is really the only way to go, I'm getting so much accomplished with it and at first I thought it was going to be way to much to learn but I was wrong. there is so much versatility with it, if anything it's to powerful



hugafish’s picture

I also tried this code which does the pop up fine but once I put in the swflist tags it stops working and does nothing.

<script type="text/javascript">
function playerpop()
  generator.document.write('<html><head><title>Jamacast Video & Mp3 Player</title>');
  generator.document.write('<h1>Snap, Crackle and Pop</h1>');
generator.document.write('<swflist files="test=test.mp3"
width="475" height="240" 
  generator.document.write('<p><a href="javascript:alert(self.location.href)">View the URL of this window</a>.</p>');
  generator.document.write('<p><a href="javascript:self.close()">Close</a> the popup.</p>');

<a href="javascript:playerpop();"><img src=""></a>

This is all being done inside of a block. Could somebody please help me with this. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to put the swf tags, or why they do not work. If I put the code into a page or a blog content area it will not pop up, but it pops up fine when put into a block. Or if it won't work with this type of javascript code what should I use. As mentioned in my earlier post I tried that code and it worked but it loaded up the whole site into the pop up and not just the player, which the player only is what I want to load up into the pop up. this is very frustrating and I am a complete newb with javascript. Any help would be appreciated, TIA.

Oceria’s picture

#16 In the pop-up code you include the whole page (, you should make a separate page out of Drupal all together.
Create one called media.php and insert your code in there, including a GET script which will enable you to pass arguments (for the media ID) to the player. Then let your pop up url point to /media.php?&id=

#17The swf and swflist tags can only be used on pages which are rendered and filtered by Drupal. The blocks are generally not filtered and therefore the tags do notwork there. You need to use the generic code there, as you have to in the solution for #16.

hugafish’s picture

Thanks for the help it led me onto the right thinking direction. I did get the player to work as I need it to now. Great Player and great site here, Great help here too. Thanks all and especially Oceria. I decided for now to not use the TinyMCE at the moment, I like it and all well. I'm just not really sure I need to offer all that for my users at the moment. I tried it and noticed if you already have a Youtube embedded code on an existing Blog and decided to go back into that blog at a later date to make a change, after that changed the whole site gets blown out of alignment and the only way to fix it was to go back and re paste the you tube code into the blog again even though everything looked the same. so I will probably experiment again with TinyMCe at a later date though because it really was pretty cool.

Oceria’s picture

TinyMCE (and most other WYSIWYG editors) have a "fix html" function, that tries to tidy up code when activated. That also has a tendency to break embed code and markup a little, as embedded code and markup are not up to w3c code standards most of the time. But the "cleanup" often breaks things.

hugafish’s picture

Good information to know. I actually have been giving it thought as far as my site is concerned and I think it could be of a real cool feature to have for the story or book writing content area. I plan on using this area for just fun for my users to collaborate on some silly stuff in the future and why not give them better control in that area and just set it up to where they cant embed in that node, just write cool articles of silly stuff us musician think up. Again thanks for the reply here on this thread other threads of mine are pretty slow to respond. I guess I can appear to be bullish at times with my comments sometimes. I don't mean anything personal but I can see where I could be interpreted that way at times.

dunkoh’s picture

I also got the popup type of stuff going using thickbox module

specifically the instructions on one of the support issues for it:

depp4u’s picture

Title: Howto Install Guide SWF TOOLS (it works for me) » HELP! I need somebody...HELP!

I followed the instructions...tried the examples...

And all I get in my node is

<swf file="duck.swf"> (the text) - but no flash movie showing!

I am stuck! Help.

I am trying to play within a page.

ohthehugemanatee’s picture

Title: HELP! I need somebody...HELP! » Playlists...

I'm still trying to get the JW player to play a playlist generated by my site. I'm putting it into a block (yes, SWF filter is enabled). Apparently the new media player can read from RSS, but it doesn't seem to like the auto-generated feed at /audio/feed . No idea why, it doesn't exactly give me a log message to work with. I've tried with and without the space, and I've tried adding type="RSS" to both, but no dice. I can get the player to show up if I specify a single mp3, but that's not good enough... advice?

ohthehugemanatee’s picture

Depp4u, it sounds like you don't have the swf filter turned on. Go to admin/settings/filters , and edit the default input filter for your site. Make sure that the SWFObjects filter is enabled... then try editing your node again.

ohthehugemanatee’s picture

For anyone who's having trouble dealing with playlist modules to try and make a JW player play from a view... don't bother using the JW module included with SWFtools. Enable SWFtools, and then just put the JW player on your page manually, as detailed at . It's very very easy. Put the flash player itself into your /files directory, and you're good to go... the jw player will read drupal's auto-generated RSS feeds as playlists (you may have to have the pathauto module to make the easy-peasy URL to the feed for every view). In my case, the code for my block was:

<embed src="/files/mediaplayer.swf" width="175" height="20" 
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" 
flashvars="file=/audio/feed"&height=20&width=175" />

Actually, the code for JW's player is so straightforward, I don't know why an admin should ever bother using a module/textfilter to do it. I can see it being useful for users, but that's a less common situation (I would expect). Thanks for all the help, drupal forums! I'm gonna write a doc about this.

aznboy’s picture

Does the captions feature work?

ohthehugemanatee’s picture

Title: Playlists... » captions

Everything works if you just embed the flash directly. This is actually much more straightforward than using a whole other module, so long as it's only the administrator who needs to be adding flash media content. The KISS rule applies - fewer points of failure.

Oceria’s picture

The whole point of this module is to make swf embedding available to non-admin users. Allowing all users to add swf files is basically allowing everybody to use your site as a virus distribution site. Using a module like this lets you controll what sort of files you can add, and who can add it and in which manner, without scambling your site markup.
If you want to be the only one to add swf, then by all means, embed it manually, personally I find it very much more practical to use to embed a file, instead of

 <embed src="/files/mediaplayer.swf" width="175" height="20"
type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""
flashvars="file=/audio/feed"&height=20&width=175" />

especially if you think of the fact that you can set width and height to a default in the module.

sp1r’s picture

Title: captions » SWF Tools Install Guide
geraldgrogan’s picture

Please add the list of tags that need to be added as part of these install instructions. They appear to be missing.

Oceria’s picture

I am struggeling with a strange problem I cannot find a solution for. When using the image rotator I can easily add 6 items and the playlist loads fine ( When adding a 7th item, the playlists does not load anymore. The combined filesize is about 250kb, so buffering should not be a problem (with post_max_size at 8MB and php_max_memory 32MB). A single file of 6MB is loaded and played just fine (

Is there a setting that limits an Image Rotator playlist to 6 items?

cbrompton’s picture

I am trying to embed imagerotator in the node template using contemplate. I created a multiple image field and I would like the images uploaded to be displayed in the imagerotator. I tried using the manual code from his website but it only supports one image or a playlist. anyone have any suggestions?

Oceria’s picture

As said before, the swf tools suite only works in area's where the input filters are active, i.e. within nodes.

If you want images to rotate in your template itself (e.g. in the header), then you need to use the php codes provided, or embed the rotator directly, using the code provided by Weijering himself.

Dawa’s picture

I'm trying to display .flv with Wijerings mediaplayer.
I followed the install instructions and everything is Ok. player, path, filter.

I put and nothing is displayed at all.
video.flv exist and the path is good.

What else can be wrong ?
thx for your help

Oceria’s picture

#8 faqing - November 8, 2007 - 03:41

This is exactly what SWF tools offer. After enable input filter, you just use

Sadly this is not exactly what I was asking. I have run into this problem again: it seems impossible to use
<swf file="">
but this is exactly what I want. Using swf or flv files from a different domain/server alltogether. Is it in any way possible? Turning of the "check for file exists" option does not do the trick. Using a xml playlist neither.

faqing’s picture

It works for me. You also can try another module:

I use both modules for one of my site. Even I use both methods in one node, you may check here (it is chinese with 10 flv files):

prodosh’s picture

Thanks a lot for the tip about the problem caused by opacity in admin_menu.css (post #2) and helping to preserve my sanity ;-) When the admin_menu is enabled, it prevents flash videos from displaying - one hears the sound but sees a blank square on the screen.

Setting the opacity to 100 / 1.0 in the admin_menu.css itself works better for me, because it allows me to change themes and never have a problem.

Thanks a lot.

broun’s picture

Thanks for the directions and comments. I followed them i guess to the letter but i got the following error

Could not find the 'wijering_imagerotator' file for embedding.

What does it mean?
I have the following code

<swflist player="wijering_imagerotator" files="image1.jpg&&image2.tif&&image3.tif&&image4.tif" width="400" height="400" transition="random">

Oceria’s picture

Did you install the Weijering media player in the shared directory as well?

broun’s picture

Yes i did as per instructions. When i remove player="wijering_imagerotator" the application appears to work (does work actually). Whats wrong with it.

sethgitner’s picture

ok i have a question -- i have ufo.js implemented on my site in order to use a flash player that is my own design -- using this code for example -- as posted above

type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage=""
flashvars="file=/audio/feed"&height=20&width=175" />

how would I use javascript code to get around IE activex issues?

Oceria’s picture

#41 I have that same problem. For some reason the newest version of swf tools does not allow you to change to the desired player anymore. I have no solution to this.

Maybe you should add it to the bug list.

trongcon’s picture

I followed the install instructions and everything is Ok. player, path, filter.
I'm trying to display .flv with Wijerings mediaplayer.
I put but only media player is displayed. My video .flv didn't play.
video.flv exist and the path is good.

What else can be wrong ?
thx for all your help

erehm’s picture

I am trying to use imagerotator to display a sequence of single frame/page SWFs (made with pdf2swf), just like it does with JPGs.

Imagerotator comes up fine with JPGs if I do this:

width="400" height="400" transition="fade" shuffle="false" autostart="false" autoscroll="false">

Replacing it with my single frame SWF files doesn't work:

width="400" height="400" transition="fade" shuffle="false" autostart="false" autoscroll="false">

This is the error I get: No player is configured for the action 'swftools_swf_display_direct_list'

If I add the flashvar player="wijering_imagerotator" in either case, I get this error: Could not find the 'wijering_imagerotator' file for embedding.

Any suggestions?

fathamburger’s picture

Image Rotator seems broken for me for local files, perhaps it is a Flash API thing but nothing local for me plays. It just sits there displaying the loading icon forever. Even the example HTML embed that comes with the rotator (mediaplayer.html) does the same thing. The rotator seems to work with flickr on his site. The FLV player is working fine.

Oceria’s picture

@ trongcon: where did you put the media files?

@ erehm: Weijering imagerotator and media player do not play swf files.

@ fathamburger are your files accessible for the players?

mukund_nadkarni’s picture

Anyone there?!!

mukund_nadkarni’s picture

I'm using the following code to display a list of images :

<swflist player="wijering_imagerotator"
  width="400" height="400" transition="random">

However, the post doesn't show the images, instead it displays the following messages: "Sorry, flash is not available." and at the top "Could not find the 'wijering_imagerotator' file for embedding."

Anyone knows what's wrong here!! Please help!!

holydrupal’s picture

thank you very much
you saved my day by your guide :)

good job

Oceria’s picture

@ mukund_nadkarni in #49, don't use player="wijering_imagerotator"

It is not needed and actually broken in the last version of swf player. Just use

  width="400" height="400" transition="random">

and all should be well.

holydrupal’s picture

I had the same problem:

# Could not display the flash because "files/amp;" does not appear to exist.
# warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter. in /home/mysite/public_html/persian/sites/all/modules/swftools/swftools.module on line 879.
# Could not find the 'wijering_imagerotator' file for embedding

You must just allow swf tools filter in the Input format.

mukund_nadkarni’s picture

Thanks a lot Oceria and holydrupal for your response.

However Oceria, when I tried your suggestion, the list was displayed using the default Wijering flash player, which doesn't serve the purpose!!

Also holydrupal, setting the swftools filter didn't solve the problem either!! However thanks a lot for that suggestion, as it solved a different problem I had in displaying embedded flv videos from youtube using the locally installed JW FLV player!!
This was achieved using the following code(example) :
<swf file="" flashvars="image=">
As you may have worked out yourself this way I can embed Youtube videos, using JW Flv player(set on the SWF Tools configuration page in Administer), and also a custom thumbnail!!

For the sake of others, let me add that the swftools filter is not displayed by default on the input format page, you have to enable swf tools and then add/create a new input filter at the input format page, and assign the swf tools filter to this. It will then display the input format in your content creation pages!


coupet’s picture


josee225’s picture

How do I set this up for SimpleViewer, with mutliple galleries ? I just can't seem to figure it out !

What I really want to do is this. We have many different categories of products we want to show off, with just a few pictures each. SimpleViewer is perfect for this. I tried Flashnode before this, but IE useers can't see my galleries. So I would like to know the following:
1. Do I have to create a gallery with all the picture I want to use ?
2. Depending on if I have many galleries or just one, where should I put them on my server to be able to use them ?
3. what,s the code I should write to make it all work ?

Thank you in advance for the help !

palazis’s picture

Thanks for the SWF Tools Install Guide. Great job!
I have one problem.
How can I use:
a) <swf file="song.mp3" image="image.jpg"> or
b) <swflist player="wijering_imagerotator" files="image1.jpg&&image2.jpg&&image3.jpg&&image4.jpg" width="400" height="400" transition="random">
but with php instead of filter? what's the syntax?
This is very urgent! Please help!
Thanks in advance.

moritzz’s picture


You better add a more generic fix; This solves the issue even if 'swftools_media_url' is set in settings.php:

  $encoded = str_replace('%3A', ':', $encoded);
  $encoded = str_replace('%252F', '/', $encoded);
hugeknot’s picture

I am having problems with playing more than one mp3 in a page.

I don't think a play list is practical for my needs, but why can I only embed one file?

The file paths are ok because if I remove the first file, the second one will play.

This is the command:<swf file="audio/Echord.mp3">

Input format is full html with swf allowed.

lorenzoromani’s picture

I have that problem with z-index option and position "absolute" in my page

you have to see that with FX 3.0 here

Anyone can help me before i have an epiletic attac??

Renzy’s picture

I have got the media player working on my test site with an flv file playing in a node, however when I use the example code given for displaying some images via the image rotator I get a blank page.

I have checked that the filter is on, I have tried removing the player="wijering_imagerotator" section as advised in posts in this thread and have got my files in the file directory.

Can't see anything else obvious that I have missed.

Can anyone advise if they have overcome this same issue.
Many thanks,

jackhutton’s picture

I enabled the swftools in the input format.
created a new swftools input format;
went over to the content..assigned that content..
my swf will not render using the embedding methods: SWFObject 2 - JavaScript - or 1.5.
it does work with Direct embedding - however i can see it here..but other users cannot see it..
so. where do i go from here.
man this is so frustrating. is this drupal all too layered?

i could've had these sites up more quickly just doing this all independent/custom. heavy sigh.

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Version: 5.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.x-dev
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Hi ,
I downloaded "SWF Tools" modules and also I got "JW Player" which I put inside
"shared" folder inside SWF Tools. I also changed the name of the JW Player into "flash_media_player" .
I uploaded manually file I want to be played and put it inside site/default/files. I have 2 files there one is flv and the other swf.
The problem is that swf work just fine and only control i have over it is when i right click with mouse i got little pop up menu with (play,back,forward) but thats all.
When I try flv file I got the player with all the controls and everything but no movie at all. In the middle of the player screen there is arrow (for starting the movie i guess) but when I click it nothing happens.
This how i call it

When I change this to I got the movie but no jw player to play it in.
I also had all the set ups done so jw player plays all flv files.
I know that this description of the problem is kind of vague but was wondering if you have any ideas on whats going on.


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When using swfobject2 and this plugin. If you do not have flash enabled or javascript is turned off, can you display a jpg alternative image? thanks

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I cannot figure out where to place the players I have downloaded.

In Reports -> "SWF Tools status" : I can see the "Test content" image but all the Players are missing telling me:
"Download the required supporting file and upload it to players/flash_media_player/player.swf." (JW Media Player 4 for instance).
I did so with all players but still get the Missing message.
Also in SWF Tools -> File handling I get the red missing comment on all of them.

Using drupal 6.10

Oh' Please help.
Thank you so much for all the great work.

March 1'st 2009:
Got it to work!
Sorry for the misinformation.
To state the solution: I have set the "File Location" to a different location than the shared directory. Deleting the value I have entered fixed everything.
Great module. I love Drupal!!!


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Removed link to emspace which is dead.