I'm not totally sure if this is a bug report or a support request, so please determine that after reading this report.

I am using the newly introduced "AT Panels Everywhere - full width wrappers" on my site (thank you for that!). It's working just fine on my public pages where I don't have any content in the first or second sidebar in the site's template. I have a separate site template for the control panel area of the site that I've built. In this context I am using the second sidebar area for content-- global navigation elements I want to appear on all control panel pages.

The problem is that the content-column area is overlapping the second sidebar content as if it's not recognizing the second sidebar is outputting content. This doesn't happen if I just have the "AT Panels Everywhere site template" layout selected.


  1. what it should look like.png: This is what the content should look like using the layout shown next.
  2. content layout - note sidebar second populated.png: This is the layout that's being used to show the content above.
  3. content-column inspected.png: You can see that both regions are side by side in the code and that the content-column is 100% wide
  4. adjusted width of content-column to 75%.png: I tried to set the content-column width to 75% and it also pulls the second sidebar over which I thought was odd.
  5. sidebar-second inspected.png: Just showing you what the code is that is affecting the second sidebar.
  6. sass code for control panel.png: I thought that some custom code may be interfering, so I removed all the code in the control panel section of the global.panels.scss file and regenerated the CSS.

Again, this didn't happen with the original site layout template provided with the module.

I wasn't able to attach more than PNG screenshot to the case, so I put them in my dropbox and are linked-to above.


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Can someone take a look at this case and give me some feedback? Thanks.