Since using the Drupal 7 release of imce, I have been encountering an issue in the upload window. When pressing the upload button, a upload overlay opens, this window is then layered below the explorer. When exploring the issue further, I noticed that the .ops-rapper container contains the overlay, which is positioned before the .op-contents. When applying a z-index of 2 to the .ops-wrapper this issue is resolved.

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It seems specific to your theme and should be fixed on the theme side.

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I investigated this issue further, my reset CSS positions all elements and sets z-index to 1. Since the z-index on the #op-contents is only working because of the aforementioned exclusions, its quite easy to break. This is mostly because in Drupal 7 all moderation happens within the clients own template.

I acknowledge that this is fixable from the theme. But would you mind applying the patch anyways? It's only a minor change and it would increase the robustness of the module in general.

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Sorry, setting an arbitrary z-index value may cause more unexpected issues. The default value works in all cases where z-index values are not reset or altered.

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Ok, thanks for your time anyway!