When uploading new images to a pre-existing gallery, I want the images to be prepended to the gallery, rather than appended. As of now, I must upload the new images to the gallery, show all of the images on a single page (which will often be many images), drag and drop the images from the very back to the front, then change the gallery back to only showing a few images per page with a pager.

It would be nice if there were some kind of checkbox toggle to say "upload to back" or "upload to front" or something similar. Is this already possible, or is this a new feature?


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@jizq You don't need to make a "Subscribe" post in order to subscribe to issues now. Just use the big button at the top right hand side.

You can hack this at line 289 on `media_gallery.pages.inc` by doing an array_merge of the new images, but this doesn't provide a little toggle switch.

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I was able to do this (haven't checked for bugs yet) by changing this line in media_gallery.pages.inc from this: $items[] = $file; to this: array_unshift($items, $file);