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As far as I can tell, hook_aggregator_process_info() is never invoked with a $feed argument. Yet the docs for D7 and D8 have such an (undocumented) argument. I think it should be removed... the only invocation I see is in aggregator_admin_form() and it doesn't pass in $feed.

Although this is purely a documentation issue, I'm putting it temporarily in the aggregator module component so the maintainers can comment on whether the $feed argument to the hook should or shouldn't be there (maybe there's an invocation that api.drupal.org is not picking up?).

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Looks like the $feed argument for hook_aggregator_process_info() is a typo, started here Pluggable architecture for aggregator.module.

At first it was hook_aggregator_process($op, $feed = NULL) with $opt being 'save', 'unique', 'info', like it was in Drupal 6. Then each $op become its own hook functions while keeping the $feed argument.

In the original function, the $op == 'info' do not make use of the $feed argument:

    case 'info':
      return array(
        'title' => t('Aggregator Light'),
        'description' => t('Creates lightweight records of feed items.'),

Also, the aggregator module itself implements hook_aggregator_process_info() without $feed argument.

 * Implementation of hook_aggregator_process_info().
function aggregator_aggregator_process_info() {
  return array(
    'title' => t('Default processor'),
    'description' => t('Creates lightweight records from feed items.'),
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Title: hook_aggregator_process_info() - remove $feed from docs? » hook_aggregator_process_info() - remove $feed from docs
Version: 8.x-dev » 7.x-dev
Component: aggregator.module » documentation
Issue tags: +Novice
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Here's a patch.

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Yes, thanks! I'll get this committed shortly.

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Thanks again - committed to 7.x.

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