I know redirection must be working for other people, so tell me if you think there's something about my setup that's causing this.

With redirection on, and mobile / desktop URL as:

When I go to http://cvg.loc/mypath, I get redirect to this URL: http:m.cvg.lochttp://cvg.loc/mypath.

The problem appears to be in mobile_tools_get_redirect_url(), with these lines:

  $currentPath = str_replace(base_path(), "/" ,$currentUrl);
  $url =  $base . $currentPath ;

$currentURL is "http://cvg.loc/mypath"

base_path() returns "/", so the domain name isn't getting stripped out of $currentURL, and the mobile URL in $base is added.

When I change those lines to this, the problem disappears:

  global $base_url;
  $currentPath = str_replace($base_url, "" ,$currentUrl);
  $url =  $base . $currentPath ;


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Title: Problem with mobile_tools_get_redirect_url() » Redirect fails with domain name language negotiation

I think the problem is with domain name language negotiation., language_url_rewrite() causes the URL returned by url() to be absolute:

        if ($options['language']->domain) {
          // Ask for an absolute URL with our modified base_url.
          $options['absolute'] = TRUE;
          $options['base_url'] = $options['language']->domain;

This brings up another issue that on other language subdomains the Mobile URL won't match anyway, so some sort of hook to change the redirect URL would be helpful.

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