Hey guys,

How can I make CAPTCHA to appear when somebody clicks on the email form created by email field?

The link looks like this:


But I tried adding field_email to the list and it did not work, so if you please tell me how I can do that?



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I would like to the same and i found how to do and it work also for for all your form:

check the HTML of the form that you want a captcha (with firebug for example) you will see

This example is for the email field contact form of node/10

<form action="/email/node/10/field_email" method="post" id="email-mail-page-form" accept-charset="UTF-8">

Look at the form id.

Now in admin/config/people/captcha

at the bottom of the table you have an input text,
enter the id of the form but REPLACE dash (-) by underscore (_) (email_mail_page_form for this example )
and choose what kind of capcha you want and save.

Depends of you right configuration but normally if you are user 1 captcha will not appear so go to the email field form page as anonymous user and you will see the captcha.


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Thank you,
That method works fine for me