I have an issue with italian phone numbers: this module allows only numbers with max 7 digits after the '/', but unfortunately in italy many numbers have 8 digits after /.

So, I changed the code of phone.it.inc as follows:
function valid_it_phone_number($phonenumber) {
// define regular expression
$regex = "/^(\+39)?[ ]?([0-9]{2,3}(\/|-| )?[0-9]{6,8})$/i";

// return true if valid, false otherwise
return (bool) preg_match($regex, $phonenumber);

I hope I did everything nice.

#1 itphone-1803126-1.patch1.45 KBrfsbsb
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1.45 KB

Hi can you please test this patch?

In case any of you don't know how to apply the patch, here's how http://drupal.org/node/87303/git-instructions/7.x-1.x

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Sorry for the delay of my response, I lost this post. I applied the patch and it is working.