From UX stand point, having the unique identifier is confusing for non-savy users. Let's have an option to remove this.

#14 1802916-er-show-identifier-14.patch5.39 KBRoySegall
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Status:Needs review» Closed (won't fix)

Bottom line -- look at other modules, such as

amitaibu: DamZ: btw, are you ok with such a feature -- ?
[12:03pm] c-g: => Add option to autocomplete widget to hide term ID => Entity reference, Code, normal, needs review, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[12:09pm] DamZ: amitaibu: no, I'm not ok with this
[12:09pm] DamZ: amitaibu: this is really just an issue with the Autocomplete widget we are using
[12:09pm] DamZ: ie. the core one
[12:09pm] amitaibu: DamZ: this is for when I select a single bundle
[12:10pm] DamZ: nothing forces you to use the core autocomplete widget, as there are altenatives
[12:10pm] amitaibu: DamZ: sure, possible. but didn't understand the problem with the core widget
[12:10pm] DamZ: amitaibu: bojanz: ok, here we are:
[12:10pm] c-g: => Horizontal extensibility of Fields: introduce the concept of behavior plugins => Drupal core, field system, normal, active, 0 comments, 1 IRC mention
[12:11pm] DamZ: amitaibu: well, the core widget displays to the user the key, so we have to put the key somewhere in the text
[12:12pm] DamZ: most of the times, the label is not unique, it's just happens to be unique for taxonomy terms belonging to the same vocabulary, but even that is britle
[12:12pm] DamZ: we don't even have a unique key on the term name in the database
[12:13pm] amitaibu: DamZ: yeah, my problem isn't the concept, I'm thinking about UX (and about my client) -- where they say, I'll make sure nothing is duplicate, but keep the widget simple
[12:13pm] DamZ: amitaibu: yes, and my answer is "don't use core autocomplete"
[12:13pm] amitaibu: DamZ: so the option is enabled by default. I can also improve the description about implicaton
[12:13pm] amitaibu: i see
[12:14pm] amitaibu: DamZ: but just checked, the term reference doesn't add an entity ID
[12:14pm] DamZ: amitaibu: yes, as I said "most of the times, the label is not unique, it's just happens to be unique for taxonomy terms belonging to the same vocabulary, but even that is britle"
[12:16pm] amitaibu: DamZ: yeah, I understand that, and I understand why it *might* be problematic, but If I take care of the duplication, I think it would be nice (==in ER) to have an option to remove the entity ID. The description can say "Make sure you don't have duplicate bla bla"
[12:18pm] amitaibu: DamZ: are you sold, or should I let go?
[12:18pm] DamZ: amitaibu: I think implementing any other autocomplete widget would be a far better solution
[12:19pm] DamZ: for example based on
[12:19pm] DamZ: or any 1000s of libraries that do that
[12:20pm] DamZ: or
[12:20pm] amitaibu: DamZ: but don't all those widgets that don't have an entity ID have the same issue of duplication?
[12:21pm] amitaibu: DamZ: I have no problem using other/ writing custom widget, I'm just thinking there's a need for this we can solve in ER provided we properly document it
[12:21pm] DamZ: or maybe even Chose
[12:21pm] DamZ: or maybe even Chosen
[12:22pm] DamZ: amitaibu: I think it would be better for everybody to have a better autocomplete supported in Entity Reference
[12:22pm] DamZ: do you disagree?
[12:22pm] DamZ: your approach is very very one-off
[12:24pm] amitaibu: DamZ: no, I don't disagree, what I don't understand, maybe I don't know deluxe well enough, is how it prevents the duplication if it doesn't show the entity ID
[12:25pm] amitaibu: DamZ: as I understand it just does the entity selection, only in a fencier way
[12:25pm] DamZ: amitaibu: it stores the key, but only displays the label to the user
[12:25pm] DamZ: which is what you want
[12:26pm] amitaibu: DamZ: yap, that's exactly what my Patch is trying to do. Store key but show label
[12:26pm] DamZ: amitaibu: your patch only displays the label, and tries to find the key based on the label
[12:27pm] DamZ: amitaibu: a better autocomplete should (1) only display labels to the user, but (2) post the key to the server
[12:27pm] amitaibu: DamZ: ok, now we're on the same page.

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Status:Closed (won't fix)» Needs review
new5.84 KB
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[ View ] doesn't solve the issue in any better way. A separate issue should be to integrate AD with ER.

Attached patch improves:

  • Validation in case there's no entity ID and there are duplicate labels we select the first one
  • Better description on the implication of unchecking this checkbox
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Definitely gets a +1 from me -- users on my site have been asking me what the number in brackets mean and getting confused by it.

+++ b/plugins/selection/EntityReference_SelectionHandler_Generic.class.php
@@ -212,24 +212,27 @@ class EntityReference_SelectionHandler_Generic implements EntityReference_Select
+          form_error($element, t('Many entities are called %value. Specify the one you want by appending the id in parentheses, like "@value (@id)"', array(

As for this, I think that finding the ID of the entity is too complex a task for a lot of users. (Also, as an identification method it seems a bit weak to me: what if you make a typo and put spaces in the parentheses or something like that? I don't trust my pwn fringers not to make tpyes. No kidding, this is what I typ like ;)

+++ b/entityreference.module
@@ -871,8 +881,6 @@ function _entityreference_autocomplete_validate($element, &$form_state, $form) {
       // autocomplete but filled in a value manually.
-      $field = field_info_field($element['#field_name']);
-      $handler = entityreference_get_selection_handler($field);
       $field_name = $element['#field_name'];

This looks like an unrelated clean-up.

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new5.29 KB
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> This looks like an unrelated clean-up.

Yeah, I diffed after pushing that fix. re-rolled.

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Title:Add option to autocomplete widget to hide term ID» Add option to autocomplete widget to hide entity ID

Better title

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Status:Needs review» Closed (won't fix)
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That's great, but given there's a pretty good-looking patch here and no movement on that issue in ages, might it not be better to commit this patch here in the meantime?

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new6.58 KB
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Still need this for a make file...

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#9 was exactly what I was looking for. Works for me.

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Category:task» feature
Status:Closed (won't fix)» Needs review

Reopening, as I think there is a clear case for this feature.

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I take it back, seems to have broken my autocomplete and doesnt give any results. Will see if I can figure out why.


Patch seemed to have removed necessary $matches and foreach loop from get_matches callback. Should look like this for autucomplete to work again:

   if (isset($tag_last)) {
        // Get an array of matching entities.
        $entity_labels = $handler->getReferencableEntities($tag_last, $instance['widget']['settings']['match_operator'], 10);

        // Loop through the products and convert them into autocomplete output.
        $show_identifier = $instance['widget']['settings']['show_identifier'];
        foreach ($entity_labels as $values) {
            foreach ($values as $entity_id => $label) {
                $key = $show_identifier ? "$label ($entity_id)" : $label;
                // Strip things like starting/trailing white spaces, line breaks and tags.
                $key = preg_replace('/\s\s+/', ' ', str_replace("\n", '', trim(decode_entities(strip_tags($key)))));
                // Names containing commas or quotes must be wrapped in quotes.
                if (strpos($key, ',') !== FALSE || strpos($key, '"') !== FALSE) {
                    $key = '"' . str_replace('"', '""', $key) . '"';
                $matches[$prefix . $key] = '<div class="reference-autocomplete">' . $label . '</div>';

But it doesnt save my selection.

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nope, I cant figure it out. If i use the patch in 9 I get no results. If I put the code I put above back in, I get results but it wont save (i think due to the autocomplete validate function requiring the entity id to do the preg match on).

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new5.39 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 119 pass(es).
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@7wonders is right, the patch seems to remove the $matches and therefor we don't get auto complete.

I attached a re rolled patch.

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There is a duplicate:

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#14 and its related other patches are not working. I am worried. Is there any other solution ? How can we remove tid when we choose taxonomy term in autocompleted field using entity reference ?

Ritu Raj

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You can use the chosen ajax like someone suggested earlier

rituraj.gupta’s picture

I tried to enable to chosen ajax but it dependencies on chosen module which must be >= 7.2 version. I haven't found this module in 7.2 version. Drupal provide in 7.x-1.0 version.

:( .. Please help ..

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I remember that there was a patch for chosen ajax and the version problem. Try to download the dev version of the chosen ajax module

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Apparently there were some unrelated changes that broke this functionality. The patch here is also required now to allow the patch in #9 to work:

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Status:Needs review» Needs work

The patch in #14 does not work for me, it gets rid of the entity id but after saving my field is empty. The patch mentioned in #21 does not help either.

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Has there been any update on this issue?

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no idea, but those brackets are really confusing - they actually warrant their own block to remind users to just "ignore them" :)

at any rate, there was some work on Chosen to create Chosen Ajax to *Specifically* address this "number in brackets" issue

for those interested in the code or what they are doing:

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Issue summary:View changes
Status:Needs work» Closed (duplicate)
Related issues:+#1411304: Autocomplete widget improvements
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I found a workaround for this when the entity reference info is prepopulated from the URL... You can use a regular term reference autocomplete field for the user-facing field, and hide the entity reference field using display suite (or other methods).

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How to hide comment(s) and author name in auto-complate list