in my search to control user specific access to the jobs as well as profile2 , I could not get any module, and as i cannot develop a module.I ended up tweaking the content access profile. it is not really tweaking basically, i just replace the the "content" with "profile2" "node" with "profile" and node_type with "profile2_type" and small correction in schema to get profile2_get_types in.install file.
It works fine , you get the access control page per profile type, where you can set the permissions.

The problem is cannot run auto permission rebuild, because there is no entity_access_rebuild for entities.hence you have to run manually from status .if you enable ACL and use per profile then ACL will run this automatically
2. since we do not have the edit page in resume we cannot set per user access settings.this is what i wanted and for this purpose only i have done this as content access maintainers declared profile support out of scope Profile2 and content access
3. you will get rules for pofile2 access like we have in content access , but we cannot conditionally drill down to user to grant permissions.may be i am not drilling correctly.
1.If some one can use and add the access control page some how on resume for user
2. make it work for rules to grant access profile2 profile on conditions such as a profile has been flagged.some thing ... like that please kindly help
here is the module attached

#3 profile2_access.zip54.18 KBkaizerking
profile2_access.zip28.44 KBkaizerking
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Since recruiter doesn't have the permissions to "delete", I have deleted the functions in this if you need it it is very easy to add

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Title: Profile2 access » Profile2 access user based access control

can some on help me, basically why i am doing this i want to control conditional access per profile per user
just like in content access where we have node access per node and the user can control who can view the node by role as well as user, and it also has rules support so that access can be granted conditionally to roles or to individual users .

one can work with the package attached and tweak to get the functionality
or else there is an entity_access module which is an API in sand box, which can be used to develop our own profile access
can some one help me please in this

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here is the improved zip i worked on
it works using entity access and converting ACL module to ACLE (included in the zip) as ACL doesnt support entity access(still in sand box). I need a work around so converted ACL to ACLEand it worls for entity access
Profile2 access works fine but a small problem if some one can help me.
it works nicely from admin side , resume also can be edited,viewed all permissions too work, but from user side it gives errors when we try to view /edit
if some one can rectify it it works fine

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