Hi, is is possible to show only specific content from a page in a colorbox when using the colorbox-load colorbox-inline?

For example I have a page with a single line of text. I want ONLY this text to display inside the colorbox, and not my whole page (navigation, footer etc).



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That is exactly what "colorbox-inline" is for.

From the README:

Load inline content in a Colorbox:
Check the "Enable Colorbox inline" option in Colorbox settings.

This enables custom links that can open inline content in a Colorbox.
Inline in this context means some part/tag of the current page, e.g. a div.
Replace "id-of-content" with the id of the tag you want to open.

Add the class "colorbox-inline" to the link and build the url like
this "?width=500&height=500&inline=true#id-of-content".

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Thanks, but when I use that, it shows me the content within the DIV of the current page, not the linked page?

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If you need to show content from another page than the current "colorbox-inline" is not for you.

The function you want is supported by the Colorbox plugin, see here:


There is no "point and click" support for it added to the Colorbox module yet so you will need to write some JS code yourself.

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Great link, thanks!

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)
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I'm interested also on this, but the link #3 is not longer reachable.
I cannot add javascript into any page/view due internal policies, thus I'm looking for something feasible with Colorbox

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Hi there,

I'm trying to show a template inside a colorbox popup in Drupal 7.

The link that call the template is this:
print "<a class='casualty-link colorbox-inline ' href='/timeline/casualties-popup/".$conflict."/".$fullDate."'>$casualties[$currentDayPadded]</a>";

Inside the js addede to the tpl I have this line:


But it is not working, open the page in other in another page.

Do you know why?