I have an issue with the drush views-data-export command.
I have a simple content type with just one field 'type' with a select list (or a radiobutton list)

I create a view (called test_liste) with a table of fields.
I add my title field and my type field.
I add a data export display (called export_test), with csv default settings.

The command drush views-data-export test_liste export_test test.csv returns the wright values.

I go back to the content type definition and I set the content type as a Group content type. It adds me the field group audience in the list of fields.

Then I run again my command with drush :
drush views-data-export test_liste export_test test.csv
and I lost the column type

I don't understand why ?
I precise that the view display page is good even with the group content type set.



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I don't know it it helps you but your question helped me ;)

When I run the export with drush I got no content in the csv, only the header. After reading your question I thought about rights to see the data and yes ... when you add -u 1 to the drush command it works great.

e.g. drush -u 1 views-data-export test_liste export_test test.csv

The -u 1 means run this command with the privileges of user 1.

Thanks for your question.