I've moved my mailchimp list registration form onto the main user account page as per http://drupal.org/node/1780942 .

The problem now is, every time the user saves their profile, they get the message "You have updated your settings in list x" even when they have not changed their list subscriptions at all, which is confusing to users.

I think mailchimp_update_user needs to be patched to only show the update message if the user actually changes their mailchimp subscription settings.


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Title: Only show message "You have updated your settings in list x" if settings have changed » mailchimp_update_user() should only be called if the user has actually changed something

Should also probably apply to the watchdog messages.

I think the problem is actually with mailchimp_lists_user_subscribe_form_submit(): We are calling mailchimp_update_user() regardless of whether they have changed anything on the subscription form.

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Category: bug » feature

Open to suggestions for how to know if anything has changed.

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I've hidden it with string_replace, but it would be good to have the option to suppress messages.