It would be great to be able to create dependencies within Field Collections that depend on fields within the parent node of the respective field collection item, as opposed to just other fields within the field collection (current method).

In Parent Node of Field Collection you have Fields A, B, C.
In a Field Collection within that node you have Fields D, E, F.
I would like to be able to trigger the display of D in the Field Collection if A is selected.
Wash, rinse and repeat with other items.

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions regarding this feature request.


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It is much needed ,
conditional fields list should have all the fields available in host entity to manage dependency. now at present this of very limited use
Is there any other alternative module to mange dependency for all the fields in host entity including the fields in Field collection fields?

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aha indeed, been looking for this feature too

it probably works like this because the field_collection is an entity on its own

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Field collection plays "dual role", It works as a field and as well as entity. How ever a field collection filed is never or can never be a hostEntity. as per the documentation.To prove that all the fields can be listed from all the filed collections, there is working module which does this , Field Collection Views what this does is it extracts all the fields from hostEntity i.e all the fields from all the field collections of a host entity, the concept can be utilised for conditional fields purpose to list all the fields. the difference is it doesn't include the fields which are directly attached to the host entity.since conditional fields can do that part. i think it just some one should take it up to pull code from there.
What is required is the lists now we have as dependent and dependee should list all the fields , including the field collection fields and the fields within the field collection fields.

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I'd like to see this too.

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I'm really supporting to implement this too

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I want to add that I also have a use-case where I need to make certain field collection fields dependents of fields that exist on the host entity.

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Title:Create dependencies for Field Collection fields that rely on fields in the parent node» Expose fields from host entity as dependees for Field Collection fields.