With a clean install of drupal-7.15, views 7.x-3.5 (stable and -dev), the "Combine fields filter" doesn't work.

Exposed or not. With Devel installed and debugging enabled, I get :
Exception in test[test]: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'CONCAT_WSnode.titlefield_data_body.body_value' in 'where clause'

This is a clean install, so no strange field type or strange data.

Here is the view :

$view = new view();
$view->name = 'test';
$view->description = '';
$view->tag = 'default';
$view->base_table = 'node';
$view->human_name = 'test';
$view->core = 7;
$view->api_version = '3.0';
$view->disabled = FALSE; /* Edit this to true to make a default view disabled initially */

/* Display: Master */
$handler = $view->new_display('default', 'Master', 'default');
$handler->display->display_options['title'] = 'test';
$handler->display->display_options['use_more_always'] = FALSE;
$handler->display->display_options['access']['type'] = 'perm';
$handler->display->display_options['cache']['type'] = 'none';
$handler->display->display_options['query']['type'] = 'views_query';
$handler->display->display_options['exposed_form']['type'] = 'basic';
$handler->display->display_options['pager']['type'] = 'full';
$handler->display->display_options['pager']['options']['items_per_page'] = '10';
$handler->display->display_options['style_plugin'] = 'default';
$handler->display->display_options['row_plugin'] = 'fields';
$handler->display->display_options['row_options']['inline'] = array(
  'title' => 'title',
/* Field: Content: Title */
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['id'] = 'title';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['table'] = 'node';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['field'] = 'title';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['label'] = '';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['alter']['word_boundary'] = FALSE;
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['title']['alter']['ellipsis'] = FALSE;
/* Field: Content: Body */
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['body']['id'] = 'body';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['body']['table'] = 'field_data_body';
$handler->display->display_options['fields']['body']['field'] = 'body';
/* Sort criterion: Content: Post date */
$handler->display->display_options['sorts']['created']['id'] = 'created';
$handler->display->display_options['sorts']['created']['table'] = 'node';
$handler->display->display_options['sorts']['created']['field'] = 'created';
$handler->display->display_options['sorts']['created']['order'] = 'DESC';
/* Filter criterion: Global: Combine fields filter */
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['id'] = 'combine';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['table'] = 'views';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['field'] = 'combine';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['operator'] = 'word';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['value'] = 'aye';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['exposed'] = TRUE;
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['expose']['operator_id'] = 'combine_op';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['expose']['label'] = 'Combine fields filter';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['expose']['operator'] = 'combine_op';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['expose']['identifier'] = 'combine';
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['expose']['remember_roles'] = array(
  2 => '2',
  1 => 0,
  3 => 0,
$handler->display->display_options['filters']['combine']['fields'] = array(
  'title' => 'title',
  'body' => 'body',

/* Display: Page */
$handler = $view->new_display('page', 'Page', 'page');
$handler->display->display_options['defaults']['hide_admin_links'] = FALSE;
$handler->display->display_options['path'] = 'test';

Thanks for all the hard work

Edit : it works with "Contains", but it doesn't work with "Contains any word".

#21 combine_fields_filter-1782678-1.patch1.84 KBmgifford
#19 combine_fields_filter-1782678-1.patch1.84 KBjibran
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [PHP 5.4 MySQL] 92,439 pass(es). View
#9 combine_and_contains_word-1782678-9.patch3.68 KBPierre Paul Lefebvre
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,603 pass(es). View
#3 combine_and_contains_word-1782678-3.patch2.67 KBPierre Paul Lefebvre
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View
#2 combine_and_contains_word-1782678-2.patch2.51 KBPierre Paul Lefebvre
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View
#1 combine_and_contains_word-1782678-1.patch1.83 KBPierre Paul Lefebvre
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View
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1.83 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View

.... The handler doesn't support "Contains word". Here is a patch.

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Assigned: Unassigned » Pierre Paul Lefebvre
Status: Active » Needs review
2.51 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View

Completely forgot to split all the words. Inspired greatly from views_handler_filter_string.

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2.67 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,598 pass(es). View

Was matching all words instead of each word.

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Title: Combine fields filter doesn't work » "Combine fields" filter doesn't work with "Contains any word"
jorisdejong’s picture

Was your intention to omit matches of words prefixed by a minus? As you're saving a minus in $matches when prefixed.

Pierre Paul Lefebvre’s picture

To tell you the truth I just used the code from views_handler_filter_string.inc. I only changed how the where condition was called to make sure the CONCAT_WS was not stripped further down the pipe.

Line 260-291.

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Found the same issue on my D7.15 minimal install + views 3.5. The fix in #3 worked for me.

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Same for me in 7.x-3.5 (stable) and 7.x-3.x-dev. I have tested both "Contains any word" and "Contains all words". Code-wise it's all good to go.

For the sake of commenting standards you should capitalize the first letter of the bottom comment, and change "call_user_func_array" to "call_user_func_array()".

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3.68 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [MySQL] 1,603 pass(es). View

While we're at it, I fixed all the other standards, except function docs and uppercase on the class name.

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Status: Needs review » Reviewed & tested by the community

This looks pretty fine!

Pierre Paul Lefebvre’s picture

Yay! My first patch got approved! :D

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Version: 7.x-3.x-dev » 8.x-3.x-dev
Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Patch (to be ported)

In general please try to avoid codestyle fixes which are unrelated with your actual patch, that's okay for this patch.

Congratulations to your first commit in views! Committed and pushed to 7.x-3.x
As for example the filename changed in d8, let's move it there.

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hey, thanks for the patch

What about making the search case-insensitive? now i'm getting results only for matching case

Pierre Paul Lefebvre’s picture

Sure @srgk! Could you open another issue? This one is closed and already in -dev. I don't have time to do it this week, but I will make sure to do it at the beginning of next week.

srgk’s picture

Hey Pierre, thanks
if you have spare time, could you please look into the issue, i've created it here http://drupal.org/node/1805272

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Thank Pierre! Works for me (case insensitive works too, srgk)

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I added the operator "Not contains any word"

I added this code in views_handler_filter_combine.inc :

function op_not_word($field) {
    $where = $this->operator == 'word' ? db_and() : db_or();

    // Don't filter on empty strings.
    if (empty($this->value)) {

    preg_match_all('/ (-?)("[^"]+"|[^" ]+)/i', ' ' . $this->value, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);
    foreach ($matches as $match) {
      $phrase = FALSE;
      // Strip off phrase quotes.
      if ($match[2]{0} == '"') {
        $match[2] = substr($match[2], 1, -1);
        $phrase = TRUE;
      $words = trim($match[2], ',?!();:-');
      $words = $phrase ? array($words) : preg_split('/ /', $words, -1, PREG_SPLIT_NO_EMPTY);
      $placeholder = $this->placeholder();
      foreach ($words as $word) {
        $where->where($field . " NOT LIKE $placeholder", array($placeholder => '%' . db_like(trim($word, " ,!?")) . '%'));

    if (!$where) {

    // Previously this was a call_user_func_array() but that's unnecessary
    // as views will unpack an array that is a single arg.
    $this->query->add_where($this->options['group'], $where);

And in views_handler_filter_string.inc added this:

'word' => array(
        'title' => t('Not contains any word'),
        'short' => t('not has word'),
        'method' => 'op_not_word',
        'values' => 1,
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Project: Views » Drupal core
Version: 8.x-3.x-dev » 8.x-dev
Component: exposed filters » views.module
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Issue summary: View changes

adding details about the expression

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Status: Patch (to be ported) » Needs review
1.84 KB
PASSED: [[SimpleTest]]: [PHP 5.4 MySQL] 92,439 pass(es). View
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Issue tags: +Needs tests
  1. +++ b/core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/filter/Combine.php
    @@ -126,6 +126,42 @@ protected function opContains($expression) {
    +    $where = $this->operator == 'word' ? db_or() : db_and();

    Given that db_or() and db_and() just creates objects, do you think we should just create the objects here directly?

  2. +++ b/core/modules/views/src/Plugin/views/filter/Combine.php
    @@ -126,6 +126,42 @@ protected function opContains($expression) {
    +    preg_match_all('/ (-?)("[^"]+"|[^" ]+)/i', ' ' . $this->value, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);

    It feels like it would be a good idea to document this regex

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Re-submitting the prior patch for the bots to review.

Version: 8.0.x-dev » 8.1.x-dev

Drupal 8.0.6 was released on April 6 and is the final bugfix release for the Drupal 8.0.x series. Drupal 8.0.x will not receive any further development aside from security fixes. Drupal 8.1.0-rc1 is now available and sites should prepare to update to 8.1.0.

Bug reports should be targeted against the 8.1.x-dev branch from now on, and new development or disruptive changes should be targeted against the 8.2.x-dev branch. For more information see the Drupal 8 minor version schedule and the Allowed changes during the Drupal 8 release cycle.

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Duplicate of #2664530: Views Combined fields filter with "Contains any word" or "Contains all words" operator results in an incorrect SQL query and a fatal error. The patch there has tests and I think is a bit more up to date, but this is the older issue. Not sure what the right workflow is for closing.

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Status: Needs review » Fixed

Let's go with the other issue

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Is there going to be a fix for this problem for Views 7.3.x?