I would like to put small image beside info text in form, assuming markup is right way to do this.
Problem is, that when I'm adding image in webform markup field, it doesn't save it correctly. Everything looks fine in wysiwyg window (full html), but when I press save, it reloads the page again, with empty fields: meaning title, field key, wysiwyg etc, all is blank. (Admin overflow also disappears same time.)

I've founded out, that markup field allows only one tag, meaning paragraph or heading tag. When I'm trying to make two paragraphs or heading and paragraph, or paragraph and image, it fails.


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Hm, this doesn't sound normal. There's no (intended) reason why only one tag would be allowed. Webform shouldn't be modifying the data that is saved in any situation. Even if you typed complete jibberish into the field, it would save exactly that value into the database. It sounds like something else is causing the component not to save correctly. Perhaps the WYSIWYG or some other module you have installed modifies the save behavior of the component?

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Thanks for answering quicksketch.
I have thougt it too. On the other hand, wysiwyg works totally correct in other places. (Almost 200 nodes in site). I have tested markup field with and without ckeditor. No differences. Using plain text format it works best way, then I can even change rows in text.
Can this be similar?: http://drupal.org/node/976102
I even made new test install to the same server, and same problem occurs there. Totally weird...

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I installed a very fancy tool, form builder. I can't save markup with it either.
I can't see a save -button here at all (or am I blind :)):
In the bottom of page there is save -button of course, but that doesn't save changes I made in markup field.

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In Form Builder all the changes are saved temporarily via AJAX (for all form elements) as you make them. They're saved permanently at the bottom of the page with the Save button there.

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Yep, all other field types are saved temporarily right away without pressing anything. But markup, not. Changes won't be saved and after saving page they disappears.
Do you know where to find (buy) research and repairing know-how?
Thanks :)

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If markup changes aren't saving as you make them, the server is probably encountering a PHP error on every AJAX request where it's trying to temporarily save. I'm available for hire if that's what you're looking for, use my contact form from my profile page.

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Version:7.x-4.0-alpha4» 7.x-3.18

I can corroborate that I have the same problem with a markup field in webform 7.x-3.18. I had a form that was previously working (may have been set up before my D6-D7 upgrade), that had two <p> tags in it. Making a simple text edit (tried with both WYSIWYG/CKeditor and with rich text disabled), when I save my changes are ignored.

I then added 2 new markup fields, each containing one of the <p>'s, and they saved properly and I was also able to edit and resave them. Adding the second <p> to one of the fields caused my edits to once again be ignored upon save. Hope this might help identify the problem.

(not using form builder, just Webform out of the box)

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Status:Active» Closed (fixed)

Closing this issue after the original poster hasn't replied. @sockeye I think you may be describing a different issue. Please open a new issue if you're still experiencing this problem.

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Me too... try to add a table, a link .... none can be saved except a simple p tag ==" ......

This not even work in 7.x-4.0-alpha8 also. I'm using WYSIWYG + CKEditor.

I need this feature urgently, any workaround way? Please help.!

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Strange... it works perfectly on my localhost machine, but not on the hosting. I can save table and other tags easily on the localhost, but failed to do so when I did it on the web hosting.....

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I'm having this same issue as described in comment #7, with Webform 7.x-4.10.

I was able to use the same version of the module properly on a development site, however, without problem.

It must be a problem with the modules or setup on this particular site. I'm not using Form Builder, but I tried turning off anything else that I thought might be related: CKEditor, CKEditor Link, Webform CiviCRM Integration, Webform Layout and Webform Term Options, but none of that had an effect on the problem.

As this is an old issue, I just wanted to mention my experience in case anyone else is still having similar problems (you are not alone!), or happens to have ideas or a solution to what is interfering with markup on webforms. If I find out anything more, I'll post back here.

For now, we will be doing the workaround of creating multiple fields: one for each HTML tag (e.g., one markdown field for an H3 tag, one for a paragraph tag, etc.).

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@transformative -- something else is wrong, like you are choosing an input format that doesn't allow the HTML you are entering, or your HTML is invalid (such as forgetting the closing tag. I just tried a heading and two paragraphs using Full HTML and it worked fine in both the form and display of the submission. Webform 7.x-4.x post 4.10.