Greetings, I really like the demo and functionality of this tool. However it doesn't work with the Adaptivetheme sub-theme Corolla.

1. The sweaver edit window will only load on bottom if set to 'Gray' skin. If set to standard, it loads some non-interactive text.

2. Loading sweaver resets Corolla Theme Settings for grids and overrides.

3. Sweaver with Gray skin will load and allow to edit some elements however with the resetting of the them it's not easily functional.

Great module though!


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I'll checkout the skin issue, for the rest please try the dev version. Problems you are refering to are supposed to be fixed in that version.

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Hi friends,

I have a similar problem with adaptivetheme AT-Commerce. I instaled Sweaver accoding to instruction, but i can't select any choice in fonts family list, boder styles list, or any other. I can see the options, but i can't to change it, or select another. Also, in the Theme styles tabs, i am getting the messages, No styles found.

I am making some test using other themes like bartik, but the problem is the same. So, I was reading the manuals and look out for more information i tried with this demo/example: and the sweaver works very well, then I could select other fonts, border, and any other features.

I hope this information will be usefull to find the issue.

Thanks a lot of...