After about a year of using Omega and loving it, I ran into a number of times where I found the coolest thing about Omega was the ease of dropping in themeing function/files. But I really hated that I couldn't do the same thing in my Admin Theme. I was always porting around a goofy module just to make changes to themes for admin pages.

It felt clunky, so Finally have a few spare minutes, I decided to build my own version of seven, but omega based. 5 minutes later I had seven11, my own version of seven, but omega based. How cool.

Now I could this and that and ... everything works perfectly until you edit another omega based theme, for example, 'clienttheme', by naviagting to /admin/appearance/settings/clienttheme

The 'grid settings' and 'zone and region configuration' vertical tabs, both have issues (possibly the same root issue).

Specifically the grid selection box under 'grid settings' is empty, and I think a few other controls are missing as well but things look even worse under 'zone and region configuration', it simply shows:

  • 'unassigned zones' '
    • "no unassigned zones"
  • 'unassigned regions'
    • "no unassigned regions"

This means I'm switching back to seven and my dummy admin_themer module for now. :(