When panels everywhere "Default site template" is enabled no changes can be made to page.tpl.php. Which is obviously because panels has taken over. Unfortunatly this means features like full width header and footer wrappers "Markup overrides" feature in atpe doesn't have any effect (unless i'm dong something wrong).

My use case schenario is that I want to place a mini panel with 3 pieces of content (inc the logo) in the header - controlled by atpe Default site template . This header is to have 100% background. Same principal with the footer.

How is this achieved with atpe? Have I missed something? It appears that these two features collide.

Many thanks Jeff, your time is very much appreciated.

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The mini panels can be placed above and below the content pane to achieve the effect of the header & footer. However there's then no point using atpe and will the content in the header/footer load each time a page is requested (with no changes in those areas)?

Essentially i want to move those areas outside the .atpe-site-template container and yet still wrap it in the responsive design container.

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I'll need to refactor some of the theme to achieve this, which is OK because I know this is a wtf regarding the theme settings.

Its quite strait forward and I'll have a crack at it now.

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Easiest way to achieve this was to make a new layout plugin, so ATPE will ship with two layouts, the standard layout and a full width wrappers layout.

Testing it now, looking good, probably commit tomorrow as its getting late here.

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As soon as you commit, can you contact me Jeff. I'd really like to try this asap. Thanks.

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Version: 7.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-3.x-dev
Status: Active » Fixed

I have committed this as part of the new 7.x-3.x branch.

The only other changes are to the CSS file structure, to better match other subthemes. You will find the new layout in the "plugins/layout" directory and should appear in Panels for selection when setting up the site template and variants.

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Excellent as Mr Burns says Jeff - thank you very much. You could put a flattr button as an extra to joining the club http://adaptivethemes.com so people could say thank you for your hard work on at and it's subthemes.

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He he, yes "excellent" indeed, as Mr Burns says!

I could do a flattr button, not a bad idea.

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Hi, I also want to set full width header and footer. However, while I see the "Full Width Wrapper" directory & files, I can't see where I can set change the settings "fww".

I'm new to panels BTW. I looked under "appearance/settings/at_my_pe_subtheme" and everywhere else I could think of, but to no avail. Any suggestions?


Brett S

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It's under "default site template > layout tab" on the panels page. There's now 2 options one full width.

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Thanks for the very prompt reply kingfisher64.

Unfortunately, I still can't figure it out.

I went to:
Enabled "Default site template" then tried editing it. However, I couldn't find "Full Width Wrapper" there.

I also tried going here
(at least I think it was here) and disabling all layouts accept ATPE Full width

I then cleared the cache, but to no avail.

I suspect part of the problem may be that I don't have an in depth understanding of panels. I will do some reading, but if anyone has any further suggestions, I would be most grateful.

Also, I don't know if this has any bearing on the matter, but while I *am* using the latest dev versions of various modules and AT themes I am not using a core distribution of Drupal. I am using a Beta version of OpenPublish. This version of OpenPubish is dated 13-Sept-2012 so, the distro is recent, but I don't know about the various modules.



Brett S

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The full width wrappers is part of the 7.x-3 branch. If you're seeing the the full width wrapper template in at_panels_everywhere/plugins/layouts directory then it's there.

If you go: structure > panels > default site template > layout tab - there should be 2 visible layouts.

Don't think that the distro of drupal has got anything to do with the issue. Just a quick check you have remembered to set the atpe theme as default under appearance? It's not enough to enable it and have adaptivetheme 3.0 or 3.1 as the default. You will need atpe as default.

Hope this helps.

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Once again, thanks for the quick reply kingfisher64. Still stuggling I'm afraid :-(

The default theme was my own sub-theme of ATPE, so just to eliminate a possible problem source I have just set ATPE as default.

If I go to:

structure > panels

I see a Panels page like 1-panel-page.png (attached).

Then I click on:
Default site template (edit)
I don't see a Layout tab so I try

> Add a variant

So, I attempt to "create variant" called "test" as shown in 2-create-variant.png (attached)

Next I see the configure page 3-configure.png (attached).

If I hit save, my variant disappears as per 4-variant-disappears.png (attached).

Whereas, if I hit "Continue" I see "Error: This operation trail does not exist." as per 5-error-operation-trail-does-not-exist.png (attached).

Maybe I'm doing something daft, but I don't know where I'm going wrong.



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Uninstalled then re-installed Panels module then, I *was* able to successfully create a variant.

Basically, I did as kingfisher64 advised.

structure > panels

Enable "Default Site Template" then edit

Add Variant give it a title, hit Continue > Create Variant

Hit Layout Tab select "AT Panels Everywhere - full width wrappers"

Then Save and start adding content to the panel regions.


Brett S

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When I first upgraded, I was having trouble. I couldn't see any regions when converting the layouts and the result was that only the main content area was showing up. Cleared cache, tried again, viola.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Hello there,
Mr. kingfisher64, thanks for asking the question first of all,
Mr. Jeff Burnz, thanks for adding the layout "AT Panels Everywhere - full width wrappers"

I'm having slightly different problem than "BrettSh", and almost same request as "kingfisher64"

I CAN and am using the full width wrappers, but even if I added the content "site logo" it doesn't show, I have to enable the logo in "admin/appearance/settings/at_panels_everywhere" in "Toggle Display", and when I do that, the logo is automatically added to the top left of every page in the site (I don't think ATPE has the control on this one)...

FYI: I'm mainly using two kinds of Panels,
1- the default taxonomy template, and I add a view as content to display my products (tagged with taxonomy)
2- I create panel pages using "admin/structure/pages/add" for HOME page and other static pages like "About Us" or "Products" .. etc...

I thought the main idea behind ATPE is to customize everything as I wish, so I think I'm doing something wrong here, Any advices?

Thanks in advance :)