I have spent a whole day wondering why authenticated users could create, but not edit their own content. I discoverd this at the point that I had Domain Access and Organi Groups and a bunch of custom code enabled, so took quite some hairpulling, disabling modules one by one, to discover that Entity translation was the cause. The setting 'edit original values' to be specific. Of course this is a big *duh* but maybe I'm not the only one here. The effect of this setting might be give a more prominent place in the documentation or project place.


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Title: permissions setting 'edit original values' is somewhat tucked away for its importance » Document 'edit original values' permission
Component: Base system » Documentation
Category: support » task
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You are totally right: I did not addressed this since we have not a beta out yet, but I'll make sure this appears in the release notes and update the documentation accordingly.

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Would it be a good idea to automatically grant that permission to certain roles via an update function, so we don't break existing sites as described above?

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Yes, that would make sense either. Probably any role with a edit permission for any core entity would deserve it. We could even adda a warning of the introduction of the new permission in the update function.

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Title: Document 'edit original values' permission » Document the new edit permissions

We shoud cover also shared fields here.

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As to this initiated thread: http://drupal.org/node/1811956 I have to say, that I still do not get a grasp, regarding permissions limitations. I've re-checked permissions settings in my case particularly for user 1 tied to administrator's role, but still can not access originally created products in commerce before Entity translation installation. Is this kind of a normal action?

Newly created product type can be edited without problems.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.