I have a few products that have a 100+ variations. I need those product variations in a specific order (i.e. Most popular displays as default and then each product has a base variation that should also be weighted at a higher level than customized variations) Ordering the variations is impractical with the drag and drop interface and I've come to find that if the row weightings are changed using the weighting select list on the product variations table, it does not reorder the items on node save or via an ajax call dynamically. Without having this type of functionality it makes manipulation the products variations table very difficult if you have more than just a handful of variations.


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Can you suggest how we could make it better?
Perhaps having a dropdown when the product is edited? Something else?

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Yes, I think having the dropdwn available when the product variant is being edited would be a big usability improvement but also just making the row weightings,when exposed, work properly would also go a long way. Also the weighting system is contrary to "Drupal" norms (i.e. negative integer is lighter / larger integer is heavier and goes toward bottom) and changing that would also make things more consistent for the end user

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Currently the row weights allow weighting from 50 to -50. Is there a solution to sorting more than 100 items?

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definitely not a bug. at least not an IEF one.
make it support request as i'm not sure if this could (will) be a IEF feature.

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