So, during an 8 hour drive, you can think a lot and after giving it a lot of thoughts, I am willing to help co-maintain the fields and field system.

The patch will do 2 things:
1) add me as co-maintainer of field api and field ui.
2) remove me from the shortcut module.

Why ?

  1. We all know yched currently is away some time and is more or less the only one that actually maintains the issues. I've had the privilege (yes, I feel that way) to have met him a couple of times now and I simply like the guy :). Having more eyes on the Field UI part, but also on the API and architecture for such a complex, but also core functionality of Drupal wouldn't hurt.
  2. As the lead maintainer of Display Suite and co-maintainer of the Field Group module (that formerly was packaged in CCK), I have an in depth knowledge about Field UI, but also the rendering system of entities in general and how to manipulate them so we can achieve the things we and the maintainers of field group envision. DS implements field api formatters as well and I've written numerous field types for custom projects as well.
  3. My focus for this cycle would be to push forward the CMI patch completely that I started working on already. Also CMI in general is the one initiative that I like. I also want to start as soon as possible with a patch for the node types, or help along in case an issue pops up next week or after that. I felt confident already starting CMI'ing Field API as I've been using the crud functions a lot in projects as well. The storage part was not so clear to me at this point, simply because I hadn't really looked at it in depth, but a lot became more clear during the Field API sprint while working on that patch.
  4. I can act as a direct middle man between at least 2 colleagues, maybe 3. Two of them maintain the Field Group module and co maintain DS as well. We basically all three have the same knowledge of rendering and displaying and formatters etc. All 3 were present when yched did his call for help - I more or less forced them a little to be honest (see this comment for the less harsh approach getting them involved), but they're excited to keep helping along. I can guide them on that path further on.

I also thought of some questions that might pop up. Here are a couple with some answers already.

  1. But you don't seem to have that many patches for field api for D7
    That's true, but that doesn't mean I don't know field api at all. I'm also around for about 6 years now in Drupal as a backend developer and I can fairly say I know a couple of subsystems of core pretty well. While I can't prove that right now to you guys, you need to believe me on my word.
  2. But what if Field api does not get converted to CMI ?
    That would be a shame to begin with. CMI is also my favorite initiative as it's one of the most important issues I daily struggle with deploying projects.
  3. Does this also apply to the D7 version ?
    Currently now, as said, my main focus would be on CMI and I think the D7 version is quite stable to begin with. I'd focus on Field UI improvements and making sure bugs get fixed during the release cycle and take care of any issue that pops up re: CMI.
  4. But what if Field UI is gone in D8 ?
    That's no problem, that means I can also ditch 2 contrib modules and have even more time to help out with the issue queue. However, with all the work still going on at this point and what needs to be done, I more or less believe that field ui will probably still exist in D8 for the manage fields page, maybe even display as well.
  5. Why remove shortcut?
    Field API/UI/Display are areas that have been in my interest for years now. Shortcut came more or less on my plate last year after DrupalCon London while there was a debate whether to remove this module or not from core. I volunteered to maintain it in contrib in that case, but somehow I ended up in maintainers.txt - well, I agreed of course. At that time, I was interested because we used it a lot for clients, but nowadays we shifted away from it so I barely see it anyway during projects, let alone look at the issue queue for it.
  6. What in case I'm not added, will you then step away in anger ?
    No, absolutely not. I'll still be around, but I think it's more of statement that I'm really interested.

I think that's about it. Thoughts ?

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Here's the patch - I'll post the D7 removal of shortcut later.

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The only comment I might have is wondering if we need to remove yched, who is still involved and has a ton of institutional and historical knowledge. I guess its up to him. However as far as adding swentel? Hell yes.

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Yes, totally up for it. *So* many thanks for the proposal, Kristof.

Kristof is one of the best people I could think of for this. And, true, with Barry now mostly out of core stuff, Field API / Field UI can definitely use another active maintainer. As far as I'm concerned, this is totally RTBC.

I guess the question then is should we remove Barry from the list. He's sitting next to me right now, and fully agrees that this makes more sense for the D8 branch.

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Sounds good

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WOOHOO! Committed and pushed to 8.x. YAY!

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Here's the 7.x shortcut removal.

Also, a little note on the 'I more or less forced them a little to be honest'. It sounds harsher than it was. They asked whether they could join the discussions and I was more like 'Of course you can, actually, you need to be!', so more an enthusiastic push to get involved :)

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Component: field system » shortcut.module

moving component

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Status: Reviewed & tested by the community » Fixed

Committed and pushed to 7.x as well. Thanks for your service! *salutes*

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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Updated issue summary.