First, thanks to all the development team of this module for providing a so useful module to all webmasters. This is really a muse have for Drupal.

However, I don't know if I'm the only one in this case, but I activate the module only when I need it. I would like to let it enabled permanently, but it really slow down the page loading, enought to enable it each time I need it, and disable it after that.

The problem is that during the website development, you need to translate a lot, lot of things and you always need it. Not for 1 pass translating, but really often, for little words or sencences when you work on it.

So, finally, this is pretty annoying to use, I have to choose between enable the module all the time, but wait some important seconds on each page (and when you work all day long on the website, it can become some hours quite quickly) or disable, enable, disable, enable, disable the module all day long.

That's why I'm making this feature request, it would be really great to be able to let that module enabled all the time, but without crazy loadings.

The idea is to not load all the bottom bar content on page load, the module could just display the collapsed bar content, and, when you click on translate, trigger an ajax loading of the expanded bar.

It would be reeeeeaaallllly great.

That was my 2 cent, what's yours ;)