Has anyone else experienced this? The google nexus 7 seems to have thrown a curve ball into a current omega site I'm working on. The nexus is loading the cell phone version of the site, but shouldn't it be loading the same version as an ipad or similar? Not sure why this is happening and I'm new to omega (which is very awesome btw), but what I'm wondering is if there is an easy way to disable the cell version for now. At least until I can figure out why the nexus is doing that. The cell version of the site doesn't look right on anything bigger than a cell phone and it just so happens that the person the site is for has a nexus. I'm thinking if I can disable the cell version (which may seem blasphemous), then it will load as a "normal" website.

Thanks for any help and I apologize for my omega newbieism.


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I'm guessing this is likely because the Nexus 7 is a mini-tablet and the screen size (ie. viewport) for the browser is below that of a tablet, therefore the media queries arn't loading your tablet styles and are defaulting to the mobile (global.css)

Adjust your media queries viewport for the Narrow layout and you should be okay (i think.)

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Thanks for the tip. That's what I was thinking it could be but I wasn't sure where to look yet. Now that some time opened up I'm going to check that first. What I really need to do is catch up more on how Omega's css is set up. It's an intense theme with so much going on.

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