Additional functionality and formatting in Phone FR module.

Accepts a wide variety of input formats, outputs one strict format.

#3 phone.fr_.inc_.patch2.41 KBgurvan
cck.phone_.fr_.patch2.48 KBg1smd
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I will test it this week end, I let you know if the patch work for me, thx again ;-)

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How's it going?

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2.41 KB

wow I have forgot this issue, I've just tested the patch and all works for me, juste got this little issue

Notice: Undefined index: 8 in format_fr_phone_number() (line 55 of sites/all/modules/phone/include/

I also got a problem to apply the patch with the latest dev release, but I finish it manually.

I've updated the patch for the latest dev, hope it can be commit soon ;-)

Do you have plan to publish a D7 stable release of the phone module ?