Many parts of the CTools framework are integrated into Features, making it quick and painless to migrate configuration between staging and production environments. But Custom Access Rulesets can not be exported using Features. One conequence of this is that if you create a ruleset, and then use that ruleset as an access rule or selection rule in Page Manager, that page can not be fully exported in a Feature.

Proposed resolution

The possibility to export a custom ruleset into a Feature.

Remaining tasks

Development on the Custom Access Rulesets module to integrate it with Features.

User interface changes

Nothing, except for rulesets to appear in the dropdown list when creating a feature.

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590 bytes
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Here is a patch that makes this possible and we can now export / import these via features. From my understanding of the export parameter on the schema only ctools uses this and we can simply change it directly an avoid a hook_update even though this is a schema change.

1. implement patch
2. drush cc all (or clear all cache in drupal admin)
3. add a Custom access ruleset (if one does not already exist)
4. vist your feature and you will now have the option to export them

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I'm able to import, export, diff, and revert rulesets with the patch in #1

I'm taking the liberty of marking this RTBC since it's a tiny patch and it seems like the right thing to do. And because it also brings me a great deal of joy, since I was just looking to do implement this myself!

Thanks for the patch, and thanks for cTools!

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Makes sense. Committed and pushed.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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