We're developing 3 sub-themes based on Omega with the HTML5 Starterkit and we want to use source ordering in the Content Zone with the content region first. When we add push/pull classes in the Additional Region Classes text field these classes stay fixed when the column widths change if there are no blocks in the first or second sidebar. This causes columns to overlap and be in the wrong place if either sidebar does not render. So the column grid-widths change dynamically but the push/pull classes do not. How do you make the push/pull classes dynamic so that they change programmatically along with the grid-widths?

When there is no Sidebar First region, the region appears empty, and the content flushes over the Sidebar Second http://dev.yale-drupal7-prototype.gotpantheon.com/about-us (no-sidebar-first.png)

When there is no Sidebar Second region, the Sidebar First displays below the Content region. http://dev.yale-drupal7-prototype.gotpantheon.com/responsive-grid-table (no-sidebar-second.png)

The pages look fine if all 3 regions are being used: http://dev.yale-drupal7-prototype.gotpantheon.com/news

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Found the problem. First we checked Customize Regions Positioning in the Configuration settings of the content zone (based on this post http://drupal.org/node/1230018). Then set the following for the regions

  • Content - Weight (1) Position (2)
  • Sidebar First - Weight (2) Position (1)
  • Sidebar Second - Weight (3) Position (3)

Then we removed the push/pull classes we had put in the Additional region class for the Content region and Sidebar first regions. Now the regions float the way the should even when some regions are not available.