I have an URL alias, broadcast, on example.com/node/4649 which should yield example.com/broadcast; but, it is somehow getting a trailing slash put after it so it ends up as example.com/broadcast/, and goes to a 403 Page not found.

If I go directly to node/4649 the page is there. If I change the URL alias to something different, like broadcast2, it goes right to the page no problems with no trailing slash. Somehow it doesn't like the alias broadcast. I don't know why not.

I've tried using Path Redirect, Global Redirect (including setting & unsetting Deslash), clearing caches, deleting aliases and then re-setting them, etc. I've even searched in the db to see if somehow there might be a rogue alias of "broadcast" in any table anywhere that might be clashing somehow. It all looks like it should work. So far, it appears to be unique to this particular alias.

I think this is a bug; although for the life of me I can't figure out what specifically is causing this. For the record, I've searched and searched here for a solution and have found some similar issues; but, none just like this... thus my post. If it is a duplicate, please forgive.

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If you're going to admin/build/path and you see for the alias for that node does it include a trailing slash? If not, then it's something your server or another module is doing. Pathauto is only involved in so much as saving the alias. It's up to you server, Drupal core, and/or other modules to ensure it's properly interpreted.

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The trailing slash is not there in admin/build/path. I'll keep looking. Thank you Dave.