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MD5: 1c623da9a43df51b079b5836f873b349
SHA-1: 8fdf8eb42e208d5c56106d2d9170c53f12b31694
SHA-256: cba14fc4d6f4ed84489496a6bbafb9e343d80687283704efdfb3d497399232a0
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MD5: d83de1193b91275c00a33a56465b3d8d
SHA-1: 6acc4f7f17f584ae2aa423e6fd818cef87912ee7
SHA-256: 03335af4ba1e0cc11aaea0e791d32a00620c65359783b619f172492832afe87f

Release info

Created by: mathankumarc
Created on: 2 Aug 2012 at 06:40 UTC
Last updated: 6 Dec 2014 at 08:13 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: Bug fixes

Release notes

This is the first stable release of the 7.x-1.x branch of the Statuses module, formerly known as Facebook-style Statuses. Continue referring to the FBSS documentation until #1685446: Port documentation to D7 is fixed; this release is a straight port from the 6.x-3.x branch of FBSS.


The steps to get to a full stable release of Statuses are outlined at #1551542: [META] Release Plan. The remaining known issues should not significantly affect a majority of sites, but check to make sure you will not be affected before upgrading from Drupal 6. If you would like to help us get to a stable release, posting patches for the issues in the release plan is the best place to start.

Upgrade Notes from 7.x-1.0-unstable4

A couple of integrations were removed (see section below) -- but since they weren't working in the previous 7.x-1.x releases, if you were using 7.x-1.0-unstable4 this probably doesn't affect you.

Upgrade Notes from 6.x-3.x

Before you start, please note that the name change from "facebook_status" to "statuses" complicates the upgrade path. We've automated most of it, but please back up your database before upgrading and, if you can, test the upgrade on a development instance before upgrading production.

Additionally, several integrations were removed from the D7 branch:

A number of factors led us to drop Notifications integration from the D7 branch. We are currently recommending using Rules instead. Ongoing efforts to document how to do this can be found at #1255280: Document alternative to Notifications integration.
A little-known integration with the Context module allowed admins to change where FBSS Contexts applied (two different "context" concepts... confusing, we know). This was dropped because nobody used it and it could cause WSODs if used incorrectly.
Activity integration was dropped because there is no stable D7 version, no documentation for its API, and development on the D7 version has stalled. Message and Heartbeat are alternatives with stable, well-maintained, documented releases.
With Activity integration gone and Trigger being dropped from D8, there just wasn't any reason to keep Trigger integration around. Use Rules instead.
Modal Frame
Sadly, there's no D7 version. If you know of any alternatives with stable, documented D7 versions, let us know (lightbox modules don't count, and neither does Overlay).

A couple of other things were partially removed:

CTools content type
FBSS provided a CTools content type but it was exactly the same as the Facebook-style Statuses block (the Statuses block in D7) which CTools can also use. So the explicit CTools integration was removed due to redundancy, but you should just use the block instead.
Default Rules
FBSS came with default Rules that were used as examples but had no practical purpose. These have been removed for simplicity.

If you didn't use any of these integrations, there's nothing extra you need to do. If you did, you might want to remove any related content (e.g. switch from the CTools content type to the block) but for the most part these integrations will just silently stop doing anything.

Alright, now to the upgrade steps:

  1. If you are not using the latest 6.x-3.x stable release (or a dev release from after the last stable release), upgrade to the latest stable 6.x release before attempting to upgrade to D7.
  2. Before you begin the upgrade process, please be aware that the name change from "facebook_status" to "statuses" will mean that some things will need to be re-created in D7. For each of these things, you should copy down your settings and re-create them after upgrading by using the equivalents in D7; otherwise, when you get to D7 you will just have a bunch of notices about missing handlers.
    • Views: if you had any custom FBSS views, you will need to recreate them from scratch. Similarly you will need to re-make any changes to the default views that Statuses provides. When you are upgrading, after disabling FBSS in D6, you should remove your custom views; then recreate them after you are done upgrading to D7.
    • Rules: any FBSS events, conditions, and actions you used in your rules will need to be reconstructed. You may not need to completely rebuild the rule(s), but you should remove the FBSS events, conditions, and actions and then re-add their Statuses equivalents. This can normally be done after the upgrade.
    • Mollom: the name of the status update form has changed from "facebook_status_box" to "statuses_box," so you will need to change this in your Mollom settings.
  3. The rest of the upgrade process should be mostly the same as usual Drupal major-version upgrades.
    • Normally when you upgrade a module from D6 to D7, the fact that there is no name change means you have to delete the old D6 module folder before you can install the D7 one. Because of the name change in this case, it is possible to upgrade to Statuses without deleting the old "facebook_status" folder. However, you should not do this because most of the submodules still use the same names as their D6 counterparts and you will not be able to use the D7 versions if the D6 folder still exists. So make sure you delete the "facebook_status" folder from your modules directory before installing the D7 "statuses" module.

Note that (again due to the module's name change) the names of all API functions, API hooks, CSS classes and IDs, default View names, and JavaScript settings and events have changed to replace "facebook_status" or "facebook-status" with "statuses." (All submodules except the Tags submodule remain prefixed with "fbss" in both D6 and D7.) You may need to update your theme or integrated code accordingly, but this should be a simple find-and-replace operation. (You may also need to update your "Refreshable DOM paths" setting for Statuses contexts, if you are using that to refresh sections of the page automatically when a user posts a status message.)

If you are also using the Facebook-style Micropublisher module, install the D7 version and finish upgrading it after you finish upgrading FBSS/Statuses (not at the same time).

Upgrade Notes from 6.x-2.x and earlier

Upgrades are only supported between successive major releases. If you are still on the 6.x-2.x branch, you must upgrade to the latest 6.x-3.x release before upgrading to 7.x-1.x.

Changes from 7.x-1.0-unstable4

Issue 1501978 by IceCreamYou, mathankumarc, 7twelve: Create an upgrade path from Facebook-style Statuses (D6).
Issue 1685442 by mathankumarc : Fixed Userpoints integration uses deprecated API
Issue 1481764 by mathankumarc: Fixed Devel integration with statuses
Removed unused and confusing CTools integration.
Issue 1350292 by mathankumarc: Fixed Tags view doesn't adopt correct vocabulary
Issue 1595626: Fixed Remove fbss_comments_views_ahah().js.
Issue 1255280: Notifications integration is broken.
Drop default rules (they were useless).
Drop integration with the Context module; it probably wasn't used, and using it could be dangerous.
Views Bulk Operations no longer requires explicit integration; removing it.
Issue 1415020: Fixed Activity integration is broken.
Issue 1565402: Fixed Leftover D6 Trigger integration causes incompatibility with Commerce module.
Issue 1677078 by mathankumarc: Fixed FBSS privacy throws errors on FSMP
Improved explanation of the 'weight' option in hook_facebook_status_context_info()
Issue 1514022 by 7twelve: Fixed Fatal error when saving the context configuration page.
Issue 1598238 by mathankumarc: Fixed statuses popular tags
Issue 1591586 by mathankumarc: Fixed Remove Modalframe integration
Issue 1591594 by IceCreamYou: Fix TODO comments about D6->D7 conversion of database syntax.
Issue 1533468 by mathankumarc: Errors when enabling flag submodules for status module
Issue 1539730 by mathankumarc: Views Error when viewing statuses
Issue 1573174 by mathankumarc: fbss_privacy_views_query_alter uses D6 API
Issue 1386808: Added Facebook-style statuses Created time as argument.
Issue 1496696: Comments - Where to add JS hook.
Issue 1334776: Made status comment box smaller until it's focused if Autogrow is not present
Issue 1567082 by mathankumarc: Use format_username() when outputting user name
Issue 1531976 by mathankumarc: token integration is broken
Issue 1557840 by greggles: Fixed user warning: Unknown table 'notifications' in MULTI DELETE query.
Fixed Notifications integration submodule used D6-style permissions, causing an error on the permissions page
Issue 1543032 by mathankumarc: Fixed Cleanup theme_fbss_comments_items_email
Issue 1481764 by mathankumarc: Fixed fbss comments generate menu callback issue
Issue 1539730 by mathankumarc: Fixed Views Error when viewing statuses
Issue 1427788 by mathankumarc: Trying to get property of non-object in fbss_flag_views_default_views()
Issue 1534266 by mathankumarc: Fixed Comment field always visible.
Fixed wrong documentation for theme_fbss_comments_form_display().
Issue 1427788: Fixed Trying to get property of non-object in fbss_flag_views_default_views() (line 22 .
Issue 1511704: Change _statuses_user_load() calls to user_load().
Issue 1255648: Fixed Rules condition for "has specific tag" is not working
Issue 1511114 by mathankumarc: Fixed warning message when mentioning non-existing users
Fixed extra space
Issue 1255648 by mathankumarc: Fixed mispelling and alignment
Issue 1510276 by mathankumarc: fbss domain issues
Issue 1255648 by mathankumarc: fbss domain and privacy rules integration issue
Issue 1255648 by mathankumarc: fbss comments rules integration issue
Issue 1255648 by mathankumarc: statuses tags rules integration issue
Issue 1255648 by mathankumarc: Fixed statuses core rules integration
Drop support for Activity integration
Issue 1296238 by mathankumarc : flag integration issues
Issue 1504100 by IceCreamYou: Fixed sender picture doesn't use assigned image style
Issue 1505346 by mathankumarc : Move fbss_print_remaining() out of jQuery closure
Issue 1505164 by mathankumarc: MINOR NOTICE : throws an error Undefined Index:destination
Issue 1498440 by mathankumarc: statuses tags submodule uninstallation issue
Added mathankumarc as a co-maintainer in the README
Issue 1503418 by mathankumarc: UR views issues
Issue 1483400 by mathankumarc: FBSS comments ajax submission issue
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: Fixed fbss flag views handler issues
Fixed %% should have been % in views handler
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: Renaming flag views handlers
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: Fixed statuses tags submodule views handlers
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: Fixed fbss privacy views handler issues, removed hook_views_handlers and add db_query for status argumetn validate
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: Fixed statuses views handler issues
Issue 1484278 by mathankumarc: fbss-comments-views-handler-issues
Issue 1373896 by eidoscom: Fixed missing files[] entries in caused broken Views handlers for sender_pic and classes fields.
Issue 1358472 by mathankumarc: latest-only-filter-issue
Issue 1483616 by mathankumarc: userpoints integration
Issue 1482592: Fixed Comments box is not visible in Organic group.
Removing stray instances of "facebook_status" instead of "statuses"
Issue 1482078 by mathankumarc: Fixed FBSS Comments link class issues.
Issue 1391568: Fixed User profile picture is not displaying in Facebook style statuses comments.
Partially fixed comments don't submit using AJAX
Fixed Share button overlapped view below it
Fixed extra border around status/comment update textarea
Fixed Share and Comment button should be square
Fixed unexpected top border for comment update form with no comments
Fixed JS parseInt() should always specify a radix
Fixed "facebook_status" instead of "statuses" in default views


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