hi, i've updated the make files for easier maintenance and better user experience.

So, always the latest stable versions are pulled, whenever possible.
Imho, this it is better to go with the flow of updates than to install a site, and the first task is to update some modules.

When patches where applied, i'd of course stayed with the destinct verstions, also added a task to check these issues against the latest releases.

Also updated to the latest tinymce.

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here the patch

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There is maybe an error in drush in combination with d.o


and also i did not address the theme-folders right (# 1 was a change with regex, sorry).

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it is recommend to

Edit this file and remove the projects[drupal][version] = "X" line.

in the last line of step 2 on http://drupal.org/developing/distributions/drupalorg

So you have to keep the version information only if you need to apply a patch.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the info. Last I checked the version was required for drupal.org but they may have changed that. For the latest version I'm just bumping the version numbers since I already have it done but I'll look into your patch for the next version.

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You'll want to keep the modules, themes, and profiles pinned to a specific version in your make files. One big reason to do that is so your install is reproducible. If you set your make files to always use the latest stable versions, you could run into issues just because a newer release of a module was downloaded that may break functionality.

OpenEnterprise just needs to be released more often with updated pinned version so it doesn't become so out-of-date with core and contrib. Once a month or every two months max would be the release cycle I'd shoot for to avoid being woefully out-of-date regarding security. Otherwise, people that install the distribution have a false sense of security.