Hi everyone,
I recently use Drupal7 and danland, I 'd like to use all-horizontal menu by superfish, seen in the superfish site explanation, but i don't know how to implement codes into danland template, I tried adding superfish-navbar.css in style.css but it does'nt work.

Help needed. Thank you.


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Have you achived?

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You should not need to edit any of the Danland php or css files for this. Just enable the Superfish module, set one of its blocks to be rendered in the menu area, disable showing the primary menu links in the theme settings (Superfish block takes over and shows just that main menu block where you like it to be).

Then, in the block settings for Superfish, you adjust your settings to for example horizontal menu.
Notice that the Superfish module comes with its OWN CSS folder that contains css files for each of the menu style options that you can see in the Superfish block settings. they have exactly the same name as those menu entries.
If you need to change some colors or spacing, edit the corresponding css file for that.

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