I am using a colorbox (not in iframe) that displays node data. and another colorbox that have node form in it. Both on the same page. When I click on link that opens colorbox which displays data it opens and closes with no error. But after that I open colorbox which displays node form it gives error (Error: cboxElement missing settings object). and after this 2 same colorboxes opens. and after closing them this error comes TypeError: parent.jQuery.fn.colorbox is not a function. and JavaScript breaks.
open node form colorbox again and again gives no error.Any idea.


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Category: bug » support
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I have the same issue.

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Here's some more info.
The first time I click a colorbox link on a page it works fine. After that any other's get this error "Error: cboxElement missing settings object" in the console and open two or three windows. However, using colorbox-inline seems to work fine unless you open a link for colofboc-load first then inline breaks too.

I'm using Drupal Colorbox 7.x-1.3 and Colorbox 1.3.20 and Jquery Update.

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Using Colorbox Node and the colorbox-node class seems to work fine for me rather than colorbox-load.

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Same issue happening here