If the transcoding process fails because of memory limit or other issue, the video gets stuck in this status. This requires a database change to set the video back to pending in order to reprocess it.

Not sure the best way to self heal on these.

Perhaps after 4 hours automatically re-queue up the video by setting its status to Pending?


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I am going to rethink the whole status part for the next release because there are more issues with it.

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Yeah good idea. But tough problem to solve, as at least as-is it is better than several conversions of the same video being attempted at once.

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I think it is best to mark the video as failed after a number of hours, because requeueing is probably going to cause the error again.

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I have added new settings and behavior to the Video module scheduling code. Please read the release notes for more information: http://drupal.org/node/1215918 . I hope this is sufficient.

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