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Created by: bojanz
Created on: July 6, 2012 - 19:15
Last updated: July 6, 2012 - 19:34
Core compatibility: 7.x

Release notes

Major changes:
1) Dramatically improved installation time. See #1670030: [META] Improve installation performance.
2) Many theme fixes (IE, RTL, Mobile)

Changes since 7.x-2.0-alpha1:

  • #1665894: Dead links on edit product screen.
  • #1672416: Add to cart notification on mobile device unusable.
  • #1672374: Missing theming on the price range.
  • #1672360: Small css fixes to bring to product detail page on narrow screens./li>
  • #1672376: Read more link broken in horizontal position on ios and android.
  • #1669252: Improve comments theming on blog post.
  • #1659160 by vasike: Limit Product field in the Product display Manage Display to the fields of selected Product types
  • Link add-to-cart checkout button to cart.
  • Do no try to reference a drink product on a bags_cases product display.
  • #1632544: User flow for logging and checkout process.
  • #1665648: Reduce padding on text inputs.
  • #1665646: List bullets on configuration page.
  • #1665832: On Orders admin screen, table resizes when user clicks on operations drop down for each item.
  • #1673642: Module list submit button needs style fixes.
  • #1673628: Autocomplete fields need style fixing.
  • Fix regression from : missing color field after import.
  • Fix menu creation during sample content import.
  • #1665598 reported by AngryWookie : Typos in dummy content.
  • #1629974 : use migrate to import the content during the installation.
  • #1669830 : The "add an address" link is not displayed for authenticated user
  • Add basic RTL support.
  • #1665652 by SuRa: CommerceKickstart Menu -configuration needed with admin shortcut.
  • #1665602: "Order Today" button.
  • Changing patch for cloud-zoom fixing an issue on loading cloud zoom on IE7.
  • Bring small update on the theme.
  • Fix add to cart message under IE7/8, fix other small stuf for IE..
  • #1669844 reported by GuGuss : Back to the old user profile page.
  • Fix hover effect on collection's categories.
  • Fix Undefined index: subquery_string in views_handler_relationship_groupwise_max->query().
  • Add drupal core patches for improving installation performance.
  • Fix Undefined index: vid in taxonomy_breadcrumb_form_taxonomy_form_vocabulary_alter.
  • Add a Features patch for issue #1669720. Improves installation performance.
  • #1669712: commerce_kickstart_blog_ui needlessly rebuilds the caches.
  • #1669702: commerce_kickstart_order falsely impersonates a feature.
  • Add blog functionality.
  • Revert to a prior commit of Search API Ranges since the latest -dev is broken.
  • Fix Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::new_display() in on line 24
  • #1663010 by dudenhofer: Fixing Add variation + is icon is not aligned with text
  • #1666286 by Haza: Patch from (Search API sorts) has been commited. Remove it from make file.
  • Add grey favicon for admin theme.
  • 1663862 : Patch from (Search API ranges) has been commited. Remove it from make file.

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