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Last updated: December 24, 2010 - 22:18

Release notes


IMPORTANT : this release fixes two cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
in nodereference.module :
- when a nodereference field is displayed using the 'plain' formatter
- when a nodereference field is edited using the 'autocomplete text field' widget
(only when _not_ using the 'advanced options - Views.module' for the field)

All sites using CCK / nodereference.module should consider upgrading to this release
as soon as possible.

Please see DRUPAL-SA-2007-019 for more information.


- #154827 Let modules know the 'dummy' node form built on the 'manage fields' tab
is requested by CCK admin UI (problem with userreviewmodule).
- #153101 Provide better explanation on the 'default value - php code' expected format.
- #151347 Refactor content_field('load') to make it more legible.
- #136697 Make field form_alter easier, if fieldgroups are used.

Field / widget modules
- #152892 Optionwidgets : Better help text for 'single on/off checkbox' widget label.
- #65133 / #152016 Nodereference : Added 'full node' and 'teaser' formatters.
- #126926 Nodereference : Skip node_load in 'title'-based formatters.


- #162603 Fix 4.7 -> 5.0 upgrade path (create cache_content table before any update is run).
- #155416 Limit non standard CSS (transparency) to the field overview page.
- #160130 Content_copy - fix drupal_goto in form submit handler.
- #157786 Fix capitalization on fieldgroup edit form.
- #136229 Fieldgroup weights not correctly imported when using content_copy.module.
- #149832 Use 'plain' format for views argument handler ($op = 'title').
- #137900 Added whitespace after field labels on node display

Field / widget modules
- Nodereference : Fixed XSS vulnerabilities (missing check_plain's around node titles).
- #147205 Nodereference : Fixed 'advanced settings - view arguments' not working.
- #155327 Nodereference : Added missing "n." table aliases in 'referenceable nodes' query.
- #153284 Nodereference : Fix unneeded and repeating {view_view} queries when
'advanced (Views) node selection' is *not* used.
- #150297 Nodereference : Fix encoded raw htmlentities appearing in select widgets when using
'advanced (Views) node selection' is used.
- #129016 Nodereference : Prevent possible errors if formatter is called with non numeric 'nid'.

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