Apologies if this was requested already, but couldn't find any issues at this point, but here's the thing. the 'file/add' path is loaded by default in the frontend theme, 'admin/content/file/import' is backend theme which is a bit confusing sometimes. Is there a reason why this is decided like this ?

I'd be happy to write a patch to make the configurable - at bit like the checkbox at 'admin/appearance which says ' Use the administration theme when editing or creating content'. We could add

  1. a checkbox add admin/appearance, but that would involve a form_alter which is probably not that interesting
  2. or just a new settings tab at 'admin/content/file/settings' or 'admin/structure/file-types/settings'

Let me know which option you guys prefer - if wanted of course. It would save me hook_admin_paths() in all of our projects :)

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I think it should be pretty save to add file/add and file/add/* by default without making it configurable. I'm not sold that making it configurable is good for files.

So let's go with option 3: add the paths to file_entity_admin_paths() by default with no checkbox at all.

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