i am using shadows on my superfish drop downs.
My navigation tree looks like this:

Parent item #1
   - Child item #1
   - Child item #2
      - Sub-child item #1
       - Sub-child item #2
       - Sub-child item #3

   - Child item #3
Parent item #2

i would like to be able to move/re-position the drop shadow for the SUB-CHILD list items. i have moved/positioned the UL for the Sub-children over to the left so that the Sub-child drop down menu overlaps the Child drop-down just a bit, but the shadow stays out there too far to the right.
how can i select the sub-child drop shadow in order to position it where i want it?

CSS for the Child drop-down menu:
#superfish .sf-shadow ul {
background: url(images/shadow.png) no-repeat bottom right;
padding: 0 8px 9px 0;

i've tried to position the sub-children shadow with:
#superfish .sf-shadow ul ul { }
but don't have it yet.

please help.
thanks, Jean

dropShadows.JPG34.75 KBjmatuska
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