I find it very undescriptive when I recieve a message from Drupal with the subject "message from username".

This patch adds a "subject" field for the contact.module which the user can fill, and would tell you what they want right away.

Oh, and it helps group the 'conversation' on Gmail into something meaningful.

(Note, I have not tested this since I do not have a CVS installation at the moment. Appreciate if someone can test it).

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kbahey’s picture

Did this patch make it? Any objections to it?

Dries’s picture

I'll commit this patch when there is more demand for it.

killes@www.drop.org’s picture

I'd like to see this applied. An email got to have a subject.

kbahey’s picture

This is badly needed.

Just today I got a message from walkah and Gmail grouped it in a previous conversation with someone else, just because the subject is "message from kbahey".

We have to get this to CVS.

Morbus Iff’s picture

+1 from me.

tangent’s picture

There is an added newline in the foreach which seems unnecessary. Some lines also have tabs which disrupts the indentation.

Otherwise, +1 on the functionality.

Anonymous’s picture

+1 from me too. Since this is a simple useability extension, I hope that it will get into 4.6.

Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

The previous 'me' was me :)

Dries’s picture

Committed to HEAD.

kbahey’s picture

I think we missed something in this patch.

The form_textfield has an argument that the maximum is 8 characters.
This is too short. Should be 30 characters or more. Line 125 in HEAD.

Dries’s picture

Fixed in HEAD. Thanks.

Gábor Hojtsy’s picture

Whitespace fixes after the patch...

Steven’s picture

Seems this last patch was also applied by Dries...

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