Open Outreach should come with a "Powered by Open Outreach" block, so that Open Outreach sites are quickly identifiable and for promotion purposes.

There is also a need to ensure that administrators can easily connect with start-up user documentation and screen casts.

Proposed solution:

  • Create a block that would include "Powered by Open Outreach".
  • This block would also contain links to user documentation on the Open Outreach site that are only visible to admin users.
  • This block would be placed using context in the footer region.


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Status: Active » Fixed


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I'm new to Drupal (a month) and after a practice run, I've decided to use Open Outreach so I've just installed the new version and seen this change - it's useful but how to remove it when the site is built?

I've looked in "Blocks" but it's not assigned to any area of the homepage so there's nothing to un-assign if you know what i mean. Should i just delete the block?

Suggestions for future releases - Gallery with colorbox; sign-up (and pay) to attend events & integration of a PayPal donate block? I'm having problems with these at the moment. Would be cool if you could easily edit the site name font on the homepage too.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

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Note that the help text shows only when you're logged in as an administrator. Regular users will see only "Powered by Open Outreach."

This and all other blocks in Open Outreach are placed using the Context module. See the Open Outreach documentation page on blocks. To disable it:

  • Log in as an administrator.
  • Using the top of page admin links, click "Modules".
  • Enable the "Context UI" module.
  • Using the top of page admin links, under "Structure", click "Context".
  • Locate the 'powered-by-openoutreach' context and click its "Disable" link.
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This has actually been a double bonus feature because not only do I have easy access to the documentation (the whole block is only visible to me and only on my profile page now) but I've been prompted to learn about Context which was an area i've dodged for the last few weeks :)

Thanks for your help!

You can check out the final build on Monday at

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You're welcome, and thanks for the link to your site. I'll have a look when it's live. We don't get to see most sites built on Open Outreach.

Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)

Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.

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This topic is closed but shows up strong for Google results where Keyword is "Hide user login or footer block for Open Outreach". For users who are trying to suppress the display of "User login" and "Powered by Open Outreach." ?

From User Manual
On an Open Outreach site, blocks are primarily set using Context. The Context module
allow you to set “conditions” that lead to certain “reactions”.
If you want the change the placement of blocks that have been set using the context
module you’ll need to follow these steps:
• On the Modules page, you need to enable the module Context UI.
• Under the Structure link in the toolbar, you will find Context.
• All the contexts will be listed, and the descriptions should help you choose which
context you are looking for.
• Click the edit button for the context you want to change.
Contexts to change = /admin/structure/context
comment-login (set to hide)
powered-by-openoutreach (set to hide)