I built this module to be very flexible in solving issues with entity referencing (node reference, entity reference, term reference). It uses the nice EntityFieldQuery to do it. This could be merged or kept as separate module, I'd like to discuss which is the best option:



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wonder how to use this with explode plugin, thanks.

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Just bumping this, I answered windmaomao on the sandbox issue queue. This still needs quite some work, but I think it should be merged at some point.

  • twistor committed 4591d19 on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1647802 by franz: Added Tamper to map any value to the Entity...
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I've committed a working version that's pretty simple at this point.

We still needs tests, and then can open up followup issues for making things optional. Plus, adding property support.

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Title: Add Tamper to map any value to the Entity that holds it (in some field) » Plugin: Entity Field Query field finder
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Title: Plugin: Entity Field Query field finder » Plugin: Entity Field Query finder

  • twistor committed a03c0ab on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1647802 by franz: Add support for entity properties.

  • twistor committed cb384af on 7.x-1.x
    Issue #1647802 by franz: Make the bundle optional. Add more tests.
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Calling this fixed.

Thank you Franz!

For the record, I made the entity type required. It's not technically required to use EntityFieldQuery, but it is in D8, so I think that will help in the long run.

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This is indeed awesome, and working great for me. Thanks!

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