Hi. I was able to follow the instructions in views_data_export/README.txt to set up a Data Export display. What I'm confused by is how to attach this to another one of my displays. The readme says that I should update " the "Attach to:" option in feed settings". I updated this so that it's attached to my Page display. However, when I refresh the view-page, I don't see any icons or links or anything. What am I missing?


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Yep I couldn't for the life of me figure this out either. But there were a few things I noticed needed setting.

* Make sure you have a URL set (usually it has to be exactly the same as your main page). For example, if your main page is blahblah.com/doodlydoo then your export might be blahblah.com/doodlydoo/csv

* Attach to: Set this it's just below the path ( I confused this with Linked display)
* Make sure 'Linked display' is set as it appears it is but when I checked that it wasn't selected

After doing all that it started working and showing up on the bottom.

Good luck

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Sorry, but this works for me.