Last updated 1 June 2014.

Phase 1: Feature-complete File entity for D7

Timeline: Now to August 31 2012.

  1. #1227706: Add a file entity access API
  2. #1496942: Support making any kind of meta-data available to file_load() and file_load_multiple() consumers
  3. #1422260: Add a file/%file/download callback
  4. #1292382: Make it possible to create any number of custom File Types and #1260050: Provide administrative UI for adding/removing file types
  5. Fix accessibility issues
  6. Add support for HTML5 audio and video tags for files

Phase 2: Dependencies for merging File entity into Drupal core

This should be done concurrently with Phase 1.
Timeline: Now to August 31 2012.

  1. #1468328: Move file entity info, managed file, and file usage functionality into File module
  2. #1446464: Get rid of file_field_load() - shouldn't load all file object data with field load - only file ID
  3. #1448124: Image dimensions should be available from file_load() for images, and not stored in field data
  4. Investigate making the file usage/auto-delete system optional.

Phase 3: Merge File entity with Drupal 8's File module

Blocked by phases 1 and 2.
Timeline: September 1 to November 31 2012 (4 months)

  1. Replace CTools exportables with CMI or alternate solution
  2. Convert to PSR-0 (UPDATE:Drupal now uses PSR-4)
  3. Add tests for all major features and functionality
  4. Add documentation (in-line, hook_help and handbook pages)

Phase 4: Optional core issues

Timeline: Now to Jan 31 2013

  1. #1292470: Convert user pictures to Image Field
  2. #1358896: Flexible scheme and URI for image derivatives
  3. #1308054: Add an abstract DrupalReadOnlyStreamWrapper that other stream wrappers can extend

Areas of core to keep interested/informed

  • CMI: Configuration Management. How does it affect the current CTools exportable support in File entity?
  • Entity API. Keep up on any changes to core entity API and interfaces as they would affect File entities.
  • VDC: Views in core. If VBO functionality lands in core, we could actually replace admin/content/file with a VBO view.