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The Rules maintainers have done an incredible job with Rules, but they cannot do so continuously, and right now they’re focused on other community initiatives. So it is up to Rules community to contribute back to the project.

If you are a site builder and/or developer that already drinks the punch and would like take the plunge, then below you’ll find information on the tasks that are vital to the Rules project.


Building a handbook that successfully helps users of wide-ranging abilities and skills become power users is crucial but difficult. If the blood of a project is its code, then the handbook is the sweat and the unending support requests when there isn’t documentation or it is hard to find are the tears.

History shows us again and again, that an issue comment with relevant info won’t stop these questions. Only a proper, community-maintained, description or set of instructions in The Handbook will provide the resource that Rules users need. Godzilla!

Lullabot Blog: Document your way to understanding


Issues marked needs review and needs work...

  • Data loop operations
  • Data and text operations
  • UX issues
  • D8 Actions Improvements

Issue Queue Maintenance

Verify actual bugs, answer documentation questions and general questions about the project, and "triaging" incoming reports and requests when the load gets too high.

See the Rules Issue Queue guidelines for how to use Rules' issue queue, Views Bug Squad Handbook, and Fixing and responding to documentation issue reports for instructions how to maintain the issue queue.

Final note:
Self-coordination is necessary. If there's something to do, you shouldn’t need to ask for instructions or permission.
#drupal-rules IRC channel, the gdo page, and the issue queue are the main avenues of communication.
There will be regular meetings in IRC.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.