We have a need for a back-order management module. I can see several ways it might work, and I am open to suggestions as to what functionality is best. I think that this module would be something that would be beneficial to Ubercart as a whole and as such I would like for the module that is developed to be publicly available. I would also welcome/encourage anyone else interested in this to pitch in if you can.

I can put up to $1500 (Increased from $500) towards developing this.

Ubercart 3.x
Drupal 7.x

The main issue with the current system I am trying to overcome is that the current system is as follows. Currently you can set a status on an order of "Back-ordered", but there isn't a way for us to easily keep track of when inventory for outstanding back-orders comes in. We have to manually check back-ordered items every day, which is a slow and tedious process.

Needed Functions:

Ability to hold back-ordered items in a "queue" until sufficient inventory received and then converted into an active order.
Ability to split back-ordered items out of an order that has both back-ordered and in stock items, and either create a separate order for the back-ordered items or some other solution. I am open to ideas.
Back-ordered status visible to the customer. Either a split off separate order as mentioned above or a status for the particular items.
Stock priority given to back-ordered items. If an item is on back-order, and new stock is added, then however much of that stock is needed to fill the back-orders should be reserved to fill those orders before new orders.

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Please ask any questions for clarification publicly. Thanks.

Must communicate well in English


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This is a project that I am ready to start immediately if anyone is interested.

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I received one valid bid on this, but they are not returning my emails. I am still looking for someone to complete this project.

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Increased reward on the project. Up to $1500 from $500.

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Hi, How did you go? are you still looking for someone to develop a module for this?

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I did find someone, and they did a good job. Thanks for asking though.

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Hi iwant2fly,

If it's not offending you, could you please share this module?

Thanks a lot!

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I really need this as well..

Can I receive a copy for a fraction of what you paid more than 1 year ago?


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Request for making the module public as this would help others to branch it. If not possible, please say it here so that some one can start a fresh.

Hope this does not offend your right.

FYI - I have paid/sponsored for the porting of Plagiarism Authentication Framework module to D7 and it is available for any one to download and use it.


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Hi there,

Let me know if you have made this plugin public?

drupal rocks-tanay