Good morning.
I've got AES enabled and working nicely with Drupal Commerce, specifically the UPS shipping module, whence I received the suggestion to look at AES in the first place.
All seems well, and AES is working fine, except that whenever I visit admin/reports/status I get this:

Notice: Undefined index: value in theme_status_report() (line 2572 of /home/drupal7/public_html/modules/system/

This started around the time I installed AES and turned it on.
I can consistently make this notice go away by disabling AES, and make it come back by re-enabling the module.
I've run update.php to no effect.
Any ideas about what to do next will be very much appreciated.


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It looks like the fix for this has already been committed to the module. Although there is no -dev version to test, I just cloned the repo and the fix is there.

It appears that the (new) module maintainer is readying a 1.6 release, and is asking for some assistance in testing things (


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Anyone interested, is this issue still actual?

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