I am starting a new thread becasue I dont think it is listed in any other issue queue how to do this. If it is please forgive me I have searched many many hours and cant figure it out.

I have read the handbook about how to create a list of the users flagged content, and I have also figured out how to create a list of users who have flagged the content being viewed.

I need to create a view, and make it view able to everyone visiting a users profile.

I am unable to create a working argument or filter which will limit the users being displayed to those who have flagged the content of the user id of the profile being viewed.

I would really appreciate your help.....


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Closing support requests older than a year. Feel free to reopen if this is still relevant.

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Id still like to know how if anyone has figured it out....

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Are you still on 6.x-2.x? Update the version if not. (And bear in mind that 6.x support will end in a few months anyway...)

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On 3.x, what you want is this:

- content
- limit by author being the user from the user profile being looked at
- relationship to flaggings on the content
- relationship to the flaggings' users

No idea if that's doable on 6.x.

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