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MD5: b39d95e2b11cdfc92a9b19130a238b03
SHA-1: f6fd94700a29deb98814b083e40aa3ae0c4004e1
SHA-256: 1f7d173c0591ba46eae9c7ad02b76c756534aad28b01f84b84662950176838c4
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MD5: 8c0e6cae88f5bba9237e194622eba9b5
SHA-1: 08e91f18a8141a31fca46ea3b756b68a4d488bc9
SHA-256: 6e0b2da321457f63fecae8f7c733782deb6552657d35aadb8e1daab64028b15e

Release info

Created by: deviantintegral
Created on: 25 May 2012 at 21:04 UTC
Last updated: 18 Jun 2016 at 17:43 UTC
Core compatibility: 7.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

The first beta release of the 7.x branch of jPlayer. Note that this works with the jPlayer 2.0 library, not jPlayer 1.2 like the Drupal 6 version. A big thanks goes to jdelaune for the initial work getting the 7.x branch rolling.

Changes since 6.x-1.0-beta3:

  • #1304220: Add a serial key for denied events.
  • #1304220: Fix uninstall hooks being declared in the wrong module.
  • #1304220: Fix referencing the wrong table.
  • #1405680 by drzraf, stevetweeddale: Fix inverted media type detection.
  • #1388882: Return an empty array so the field API knows to hide the label.
  • #1388882 by David Lesieur: Only display the player if there are files to play.
  • #1328828: Update the views template path as well.
  • #1339010: Fix typo in 'settings'.
  • #1328828: Move the theme template into the theme directory.
  • #1286510 by ywarnier: Add a configure link to the info file.
  • #1301388 by Amitaibu: Only add JavaScript once per request.
  • #1538506: Merge branch '1538506/refactor-protection' into 7.x-2.x
  • Ignore Vim swap files.
  • #1538506: Fix behaviour being attached multiple times.
  • #1538506: Only add the JS if protection is enabled.
  • #1538506: Add a separate processed class for the playlist.
  • #1538506: Fix the previous and next buttons not triggering authorization.
  • #1538506: Fix code style.
  • #1538506: Prevent attaching the click function multiple times.
  • #1538506: Rename navigation behaviour to be more descriptive.
  • #1538506: Move the playlist forward before authorizing.
  • #1538506: Update incorrect variable name.
  • #1538506: Fix sending raw DOM elmeents instead of jQuery objects.
  • #1538506: Properly namespace all of the protection JS functions.
  • #1538506: Allow other modules to add JS to the page.
  • #1538506: Fix incorrect access time variable.
  • #1538506: Remove duplicate period.
  • #1538506: Update install hooks for the renamed jplayer_protect variable.
  • #1538506: Move settings form into the jplayer_protect module.
  • Fix the URL for content protection.
  • Migrate the jplayer_protect table to the new module.
  • Fix jplayer attach.
  • Initial refactoring moving all protection code into a module.
  • Initial info file for the jPlayer protection module.
  • #1329570: Fix content protection in Safari on OS X 10.7.
  • #1173692: Port jPlayer content protection to 7.x-2.x.
  • #1194384: Correct hook_field_formatter_view() to use the same parameter names as the hook itself.
  • #1194384: Add the request timestamp to the ID to ensure uniqueness across AJAX requests.
  • #1194384: Ensure that player IDs are always unique.
  • #1186992: Fix jplayer_get_version() when an invalid directory is passed.
  • #1187006: Fix detecting an invalid version of the jPlayer library.
  • #1187002: Fix wrong form element for form_error().
  • #1187020: Implement coder recommendations.
  • Ticket #1158640: Return FALSE if the jPlayer library is not found.
  • #1099234: Fix adding jPlayer JS when aggregation is enabled.
  • Fixed views support with new way of passing JS and CSS files
  • [#1099234] by FitPM: Missing drupal_render() call in template file
  • Fixed incorrect patch
  • [#1099234] by FitPM: Incorrect library path
  • Added way to manage files which retains their order
  • Made it easy to theme jPlayer with new skins and custom JS when needed.
  • Updated way core JS and CSS is added.
  • Removed un-needed jplayer_add(). call
  • [#1095188] by dereine: Added Views support
  • Updated README
  • Fixed issue with next and previous JS calls in Firefox.
  • Add blur
  • We now have one formatter for both single instances and playlists. You can choose what you want in the formatter settings.
  • Allow video and audio to be mixed together in a playlist Ability to repeat a single item in a playlist or repeat the whole list.
  • Updated theming Added basic playlist support
  • Now using hook_library().
  • Moved time format settings to global settings for jPlayer rather than per field instance because they are global settings.
  • Intelligent single instance player which can take multiple formats of the same kind e.g. ogv and m4v and display the correct one depending on your browser. Also takes image files for poster frames. Works with both audio and video
  • Added initial video support
  • Changed package Added time formatting options
  • Updated readme file
  • Initial port of master to 7.x branch for jPlayer 2.0. Very unstable.
  • Stripping CVS keywords


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