Current the list of allowed extensions on file/add/upload are the more restricted set allowed by file_save_upload(). We should alter in the media__file_extensions variable.

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I think just doing this might be the trick:

 * Implements hook_menu_alter().
function media_menu_alter(&$items) {
  // Add the more permissive list of allowed file extensions to the file/add
  // upload form.
  $items['file/add']['page arguments'][1] = array(
    'file_extensions' => media_variable_get('file_extensions'),

Not sure about this vs using a form_alter though.

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Looking at, it appears we also lost support for media_variable_get('max_filesize') as well.

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Title: Media allowed extensions not used on file/add/upload » Media allowed file size not used on file/add/upload

This is now fixed for the extension list with in 7.x-2.x.

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file/add/upload in 7.x-2.0-unstable5+1-dev still does not match the allowed file extensions from the media browser settings and is only allowing file extensions from file_save_upload().

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Make sure to update both Media and File entity to their latest versions.

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Okay, I changed File entity from 7.x-2.0-unstable5 to 7.x-2.x-dev.

Under the upload form file/add I still get "Files must be less than 8 MB. Allowed file types: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp."

Now, the files for a single or a multiple uplodad can be selected and they appear in the upload form. When I click Start upload the upload is indicated with the green upload bar. After the upload seems to be completed, I get the message "Only files with the following extensions are allowed: jpg jpeg gif png txt doc xls pdf ppt pps odt ods odp." –– And the files aren’t uploded.

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I can upload images from a wysiwyg and an image field with media widget, but I cant upload from /file/add. Using latest file_entity and media 2.x devs.

Warning: filesize(): stat failed for public://tulips.jpg in file_save() (line 570 of /var/www/[site]/includes/
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Dave -- I'm checking apache error logs and drupal's logs but can't find the root of the problem. Do you have any suggestions for testing this? I can't upload anything from file/add.

It's supposed to be adding the image to /sites/default/files/media but it's uploading to /sites/default/files/. Odd...

Media Upload Problem

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Also, the file never actually gets uploaded.

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@bensnyder: Did you actually hit 'Submit' on that form after upload? Also, uploading on file/add will only upload to your site's root file directory since you're not uploading as a field which has a configured upload sub-directory.

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Dave -- lol yes I hit submit :)

Here's some new stuff from the event logger:

LOCATION	http://[site]/file/ajax/upload/form-P6FHX3QMI-6fOgcUDczumNxAf_U3B4mbF49-0Kr0woQ
REFERRER	http://[site]/file/add
MESSAGE	The file permissions could not be set on public://lighthouse.jpg.

LOCATION	http://[site]/file/ajax/upload/form-P6FHX3QMI-6fOgcUDczumNxAf_U3B4mbF49-0Kr0woQ
REFERRER	http://[site]/file/add
MESSAGE	Warning: filesize(): stat failed for public://lighthouse.jpg in file_save() (line 570 of /var/www/[site]/includes/
SEVERITY	warning

LOCATION	http://[site]/file/add
REFERRER	http://[site]/file/add
MESSAGE	Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$image_dimensions in file_entity_file_update() (line 63 of /var/www/[site]/sites/all/modules/file_entity/
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Here is the contents of http://[site]/file/ajax/upload/form-P6FHX3QMI-6fOgcUDczumNxAf_U3B4mbF49-0Kr0woQ:

[{"command":"settings","settings":{"basePath":"\/","pathPrefix":"","ajaxPageState":{"theme":"ytdc","theme_token":"M18j0oKfiZDVhFSfkzK6YcM096KJAzOEcX2d6QlDCPw"},"colorbox":{"opacity":"0.85","current":"{current} of {total}","previous":"\u00ab Prev","next":"Next \u00bb","close":"Close","maxWidth":"100%","maxHeight":"100%","fixed":true,"__drupal_alter_by_ref":["default"]},"googleAnalyticsReportsAjaxUrl":"\/google-analytics-reports\/ajax","shadowbox":{"animate":1,"animateFade":1,"animSequence":"wh","auto_enable_all_images":0,
"slideshowDelay":"0","viewportPadding":20,"useSizzle":1}},"merge":true},{"command":"insert","method":"replaceWith","selector":null,"data":"\u003Cdiv class=\u0022messages error\u0022\u003E\n\u003Ch2 class=\u0022element-invisible\u0022\u003EError message\u003C\/h2\u003E\nAn unrecoverable error occurred. The uploaded file likely exceeded the maximum file size (100 MB) that this server supports.\u003C\/div\u003E\n","settings":null}]
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Hrm, I'm thinking that the server permissions are not properly set on your public files directory, ensuring that the web server can actually write to it, if drupal_chmod() is failing (which is where that error comes from). I think we need to move this to a separate issue since the problem isn't actually that we can't upload files, it's that permissions aren't set correctly, which is unrelated to being able to use this form.

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Dave - thanks for the reply. It can't be file system permissions... I know for sure I have that set correctly. I'm doing more digging tonight - I'll post back my findings. Thanks!

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Finally found a [temporary] fix!

Thoughts, anyone?

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A similar form_alter hook is required for the file_entity_add_upload_multiple as well, see

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  • Dave Reid committed 2666215 on 7.x-3.x
    Issue #1600610: Fixed media allowed extensions not used on file/add/...
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