Hi, after following the step-by-step instruction in Drupal 7, I managed to see the gallery in the View preview, but in the Gallery node I can't get anything, as if the EVA doesn't work in attaching the view to the node.

I attached my view setting.
Do I miss out anything?

Thanks a bunch!

2012-05-21_142648.png145.88 KBrrobert.ah
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May be your node not related to gallery, I am having the same issue

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Can you try and attach something to a node using EVA and not Views Galleriffic?

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@rrobert.ah - I had the same issue. After reading this page I turned to searching EVA issues and found this comment: http://drupal.org/node/1445088#comment-5762370

Going to the manage display for the content type in question and saving the settings (without changing anything) allowed the view to be in the list under disabled. I moved it up to where I needed it and it works as expected.

Hope that helps.
- Brian

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Status: Active » Closed (works as designed)

Thanks Brian! I added this bit of advice to the documentation.

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Issue summary: View changes

I have a working views galleriffic with thumbs above.
In Firefox, Safari, Chrome it looks really nice.
In IE11 the thumbs are displayed twice, the navigation of the thumbs is also displayed twice, my footer is coming over the big image. Most of the surfers will use IE.