I am having a problem with the calculation of VAT on shipping costs. You can set "Including VAT" on a flat rate shipping service. I believe that the VAT percentage that is used is not ok.

I created one VAT rate of 19% (0.19). The vat on my product is calculated correct. My shipping cost is 14.50. The VAT on that should be 2.32, but the calculated value is 1.52. Please check the attached screen shots, these show exactly what I describe here. The first image shows the order when the VAT rate on the shipping is set "Excluding VAT", the other with "Including VAT".

It looks like that the VAT rate that is calculated on the shipping is 11.71%; I have no idea where that comes from. Shouldn't there be a way in the flat rate module where you can set the correct VAT rate?

One last remark. The final order total is correct, it's just that the VAT amount is wrong. This results in incorrect invoices.

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I gave this a lot of attention today. The code of the module is correct.

The error came from an extra calculation rule that adds an amount to the shipping price when a specific item is in the cart. There is no VAT calculation on that added amount.

I believe it would be a great addition if we have VAT on calculation rules when we add an amount to a flate rate.

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Added remark about the total order amount.